Triangle Exclamation point ALWAYS appears!

I like doing 50 lap races around the Brickyard Speedway and usually I set really good lap times but the Triangle symbol almost always appears even if It was as clean as could be! I literally pass the finish line and the Triangle instaltly appears! Before I even had time to make a lap dirty. It’s ridiculous! Somehow I managed to do 1 clean lap the entire race and the very next lap the triangle appeared again after I used rewind and never went away! Why?! Yes I have rewind on, but like I said it instantly appears the second I pass the line basically ruining my chances before I even had a chance!! It’s so annoying!

are you using ANY mods at all

EVERY mod automatically sets a dirty lap


Yeah, Back if the Pack, but why the heck would that affect my lap times? Forza needs to make some Mods usable without dirty laps!!

I turned off Back of Pack and I’m still getting the Dirty Lap!!!

must be something else if ALL mods are removed…slightly off track maybe …on the inside

If you draft or someone is drafting you then it will make your lap dirty too. Never understood why your lap would be dirty if someone drafts on you. Even if they are waay back there it could still mess things up for you.

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Cheaters used to exploit drafting by allowing one car to lead and the other car to draft them. The drafting car would gain a massive speed boost which would make their lap time faster than it should. To solve the problem, T10 made drafting dirty laps, but also providing a draft current dirty. One could argue that there might be a better way to police this, but they haven’t ever changed the rule.

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Rewind will make a lap dirty.

ANY mod will make a lap dirty.

Drafting another vehicle will make a lap dirty.

Being drafted by another vehicle will make a lap dirty.

Getting all 4 tires in the dirt will make a lap dirty.

Simply put - races are not the place for clean laps. If you want a clean lap guarantee, run Rivals. Don’t use any mods, and in assists turn rewind off so you do not use it on accident. This way you are guaranteed a clean lap if you stay on the track and race clean.

Keep in mind that if you dirty a lap within the last sector, the very next lap will automatically be dirty with one exception - if you run a clean lap, mess up in the first sector, and rewind past the start/finish line , the lap you are beginning will still be clean. Example: Finish lap 2 clean, and begin lap 3. Mess up in turn 1. Rewind back to lap 2. Lap 3 will be clean. Without the ability to rewind, this can be avoided.

Hope this clears some things up a bit.


Using Mods in career will dirty your laps. This does include the Dare Mods. I’M not sure if this applies to the increased payout, affinity, or xp mods

I have heard that bottoming out your car can dirty a lap. I have never seen it though.
Other than that, these are the conditions that will flag your lap as dirty.

Collisions with other vehicles

Driving off the track/Cutting corners. Please note that there are spots on the track where just getting one tire off the track will dirty the lap. There are other places where you can get the car nearly all the way off and it will still be clean. The more you drive a track, the more you will be able to see where those spots are.

Hitting a wall. Best example would be Bathurst. (There are times when you can lightly brush the wall and your lap will remain clean.)

Drafting. At any point above 100mph. Whether you are the one drafting or being drafted. Some one drafting you WiLL dirty your lap! (Please note that a draft can occur with a considerable amount of distance between cars.) Drafting is following or being fallowed. When you draft, both cars split the air resistance between them. As a result, both cars can move faster together. The idea of the leaderboards is to lay down your fastest time based on YOUR driving skill.

Please note that doing any of the aforementioned in the last frame of a lap will result in your next lap being dirty. At certain points around the track, the game gives your split time. ( green or red highlighted +/- time measured against your best lap.) The last frame of the lap = any point between the last split time checkpoint and the start/finish line. This does include the first lap. T10 did this so you can not cut a corner at the end of a lap to give you better speed starting your next lap which would result in a faster cheated lap time on leaderboards.

I am not sure if lag while in an online race will flag a lap as dirty.

Hope this clarifies any questions or confusion regarding dirty laps.


ALL Mods make the lap dirty…no exception ( not anymore anyway. .there was some glitches that got through)