Did I mess up my save by pressing Xbox button?

Sorry if I’m asking in the wrong forum, I thought this place would be better than Trubleshooting because it doesn’t seem to be an issue with the game itself. If I’m wrong, please move it to the correct place.

A while ago Forza Horizon 5 would at times take long to sync to the cloud on my Xbox when starting the game.

It’s been a while since I had long syncing, but back when it was still happening I would press the Xbox button during the syncing. This would open up Guide. Then I would press Xbox button again to close the Guide. This would make the cloud sync window disappear and reappear.

This time however the process would often take a short time and I would be able to get into the game faster.

Now here’s my question - is it possible that I messed up my save by doing this? My save appears to work fine and I have since stopped doing this. Or maybe my pressing of the Xbox button just restarted the process safely?

I don’t notice anything unusual, my game appears to work fine. I’m a bit paranoid lately around game saves though so I figured I might ask.

Also, while we are at the topic of save games in Forza - can pausing the game (by pressing menu button) while the small autosave circle is spinning cause issues with a save file?

I did the same a few months ago with long save syncing

Haven’t noticed anything funky so far!

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I would think, or at least hope, the operating system and programming would be up to dealing with that smoothly, but, yeah, given the ways things go wrong I’d be worried. I’ve had to do similar on some long syncs and always wonder if it’s going to blow up and wipe my save or something but no issues that I could tell. I was also getting some odd choose which save you want cloud or local a while back a couple times that seemed like trouble but never seemed to cause any noticeable issues either.

On the issue of pausing the game when it’s saving, I hope not, I’ll often pause for a break and probably would not even notice the little save circle spinning outside of just leaving the garage.

I sometimes get the choice between local and cloud save. When this happened first time, I chose cloud save and lost some progress, so I’d say choose local save and of course avoid quick resume. On series x


sounds like you’re not having any problems

don’t choose “local save” if you’re being prompted after switching consoles. that’s the opposite of what you want to do, it will overwrite your cloud save with a local save from the last time you played on that specific console.

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also, just let the game sync. if it takes a while, it takes a while, it happens sometimes. shortcutting it has you worried, then don’t do it.


Yeah, I’ve since stopped doing that and just let it do it’s thing if it takes long. It’s been few months since I had long sync, currently it takes a moment.