Cloud saves sync

Does anybody have an idea on how syncing to the cloud works in the game? I know for instance that it downloads the cloud save when you press continue before you enter the game, but I wanna know when does it upload the saves to the cloud? is it instant as soon as it saves ? or when. Since when I close the game there is no delay afterwards or a window saying syncing or anything.

I wanna know cause today I got some corruptions with the save games and I wanna know that so if I suspect that the save might become corrupted later on I know if I can still prevent it to upload to the cloud

When you turning off your Xbox, it checks unsaved files and uploads it.

Oh my bad, I forgot to mention I am on my pc

I don’t play Forza on a PC but some players have commented that you can back up your saves on the Pc’s hard drive which would seem a sensible precaution. The only way I have found of doing it on a console is to alternate between two consoles which is easy for me to do.

I can’t guarantee this but it seems that the game saves progress to the cloud and a player’s hard drive frequently whilst playing the game. In the bottom right corner 2 rotating circles one large one small appear from time to time and it’s important not to switch off the machine whilst these are on screen. Before I end a game I always enter the main Horizon site and change vehicle or outfit etc and when I exit the screens I will get the 2 rotating circles. I always end the game properly by going home and and quitting the game. When I start Forza if the save in the cloud and my hard drive are not the same I will usually get a choice on which one to use.

I’ve never needed to do it on Forza but if you go offline you will stop the game uploading saves to the cloud.

First I observed Forza net activity in task manager and looked at net speed, then after installing NetSpeedMonitor, to show me up and down speeds in taskbar, I can say this.
On my 10/1 Mbit internet, game takes up to 1 min after closing, to sync. So after closing te game, it takes up to 15 sec to start initial upload, then stops and after few seconds it continues for a longer time.
As said, it takes up to 1 min to finish (all that is done by windows process). So now after I finish for the day and if I was playing Forza, I just let my PC idle for few min to sync and also cool down GFX, then I shut it off.
About backing up the save, it has been discussed in other thread:

As El Barto says, it saves to the cloud after you close the game. I use Task Manager and sort the processes view by the network column so I can see the Xbox Live Game Save happening, and I wait for its network activity to stop, then wait a bit longer just to be sure, then shut down the PC.

So it’s gonna be hard to prevent a corrupted local save from syncing, guess i’ll just make constant backups now, thanx all