Dear Playground Games…

Dear Playground Games…

How hard is it to have filters for AWD , RWD ,S1 class and A class for drifting events in Horizon Open ? :melting_face::melting_face:

-“I think, we should be able to choose awd or rwd lobby since most people abuse awd + drag tire build are so unfair for rwd drifters.”

-“AWD is powersliding, RWD is real drifting.”

-“As I understand that rwd vs awd build up points very differently… I also agree that separate categories would be super beneficial. Honestly the layout of fh4s drift adventure ideally is what I prefer for this.”

-“I read somewhere on the forum that AWD Drifting in online adventure is overpowered and should be removed from open drifting or have its own category.”

-“Look, no matter what tuning your doing, AWD will
always score higher. And it’s just due to the fact that all four tyres are making you gain points. However, I did notice that getting all four tyres to smoke on a red build
does do the same thing.”

-“Need to make it 2 different categories”

-“Nope. It’s one of the reasons I don’t do Open Drifting as much as l’d like to. I don’t like AWD drifting and hate seeing people with sloppy technique just rack up points. I can’t understand why they haven’t split the categories yet.”

-“Look, no matter what tuning your doing, AWD will
always score higher. And it’s just due to the fact that all four tyres are making you gain points. However, I did notice that getting all four tyres to smoke on a red build does do the same thing.”

^^These are the words of some of long time Forza players , words that most players right now agree with proven by this poll:

Having separate classes for drifting events just like the other modes in Horizon Open should be a no brainer at this point ( If you think otherwise , Id like to hear your reasoning in the comments ) , specially considering that the game is almost a year old now .


The solution IMO is lobbies where players can create and customize their races as they see fit. Other players can scroll through and filter lobbies to find those that they are interested in.

Custom lobbies wouldn’t be as user friendly or as simple as the current online racing mode which is why I think custom lobbies should be added as an addition.

This would be a great way to form communities and new friendships in the game where groups of players do all sorts of weird and wacky stuff like racing minis etc. Players could host in game torneys, multi discipline championships, you name it.


Curious to see how they would implement this tbh …

They wouldn’t. That’s the problem.


Ahh….the days of custom public lobbies…fun times. Used to host them daily during the Forza Motorsport 2 days. Helped people get their online earnings achievement.

I agree OP. Separating out drift lobbies (including S2 class) would be nice……but enough people have to want it and use it, based on playground’s point of view. We’ll see if they add it this time. A few people requested it during the horizon 4 days when the lobbies showed up.


next thing you know there will be the request to ban using the handbrake to drift. not everyone is a drifting god (myself included). as i never get into online drifting (unless the playlist requires it) or any other online events in general i have no dog in this fight. just throwing my two cents in here.

It literally takes just a few hours for a big company like PG to program a few filters for Horizon Open , at this point IDK whats stopping them from doing it

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Handbrake usage is part of drifting. It can be used to increase your angle, to decel, or both.

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Not sure what this has to do with my comment that warrants replying to it, but I agree that the Eliminator start in FH5 is super bland compared to 4.

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Generally speaking, I’m naturally inclined to make all sorts of disparaging remarks about drifting and PvP, yet even I would say that players should be able to make custom lobbies with all sorts of filters for these things.

Most of the AWD people think 95% rear 5% front, is Rwd and victory spin at the end of the race. But they dont know that four glowing discbrakes show you they are AWD’s. These are the worst fake drifters in opendrift.

I hope so much for a Rwd, Awd filter lobby.

If not then we must wait for FM8.


Feels like turn10 just focus on children in fh5, make everything easy and ignore realism, first expansion just confirmed what im talking about… best thing we can do now is to wait for fh6 and don’t preorder premium version, maybe then they will start to listen to the community. Look at Blizzard for example with world of warcraft… once they start to bleed money, they start to listen.

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im not good at racing, should i be allowed to drive S1 while everyone drives in B class?

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that is the most asinine response i’ve ever heard. way to make a point there… :unamused:

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If you’re not good at driving then stick to D Class and learn to drive. Getting in a more powerful car doesn’t make you better, it makes you a liability for everyone else.


I simply do not join the d,c,b,a, s1, s2 or any online event that has a track, street or road race.

I prefer The Eliminator. Freedom go drive without walls, limits and ramming etc is the normal. What people call as ramming or swerving is classed as defence in The Eliminator.

Its a different gaming experience. I always withstand my own personal opinion - KIMI-VELOCINI from GT7, the funniest racer i have seen online is the type of racer The Eliminator needs.

All those cheats, MODS? Let KIMI-VELOCINI join FH5 and be one of The Eliminators as that guy has the skill to join.

im not joining any online race at all, the only thing ive done since fh3 was drifting, cruising. Just trying to make a point that it is not fair for RWD drifters to compete with AWD powersliders in same category, Drifting awd car = same thing as letting S1 Race in B class… for bad drivers this will make no difference, but good drivers will abuse it to win.

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I agree with this in principle, mixing both is lazy development, but…

Not this, I completely disagree with your comparison if you are talking about just drifting. If you are not a good driver (as you admitted above), and you are drifting in an S1, but other “better” drivers are drifting in B class, you will more than likely still loose.

Here’s a thought.

I dislike drifting, I am not very good at all, but during the course of FH4, then FH3, I managed to 3* all the drift zones. I also do drift events online in FH5 (only when I really need to), and I don’t win, I doubt I ever will.

I got over the mental block of “I can’t do [a] because of [b]”, by challenging myself, and ignoring everyone else. Perhaps you should simply accept what the game offers, improve your own skill and ignore what others are doing. You might actually enjoy it.

There are a number of people pushing for splitting awd & rwd drifting, keep doing that too, it may eventually happen.


I can confirm they did whatever you’re trying to say. Sad to see you go. Bye

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