Dear Playground Games can we please have an option to turn off the rain on camera effect for FH3.

The effect looks good, won’t deny that but man is it annoying after a few minutes.
I feel that it ruins the overall image and it makes it look like it only raining on the lens and not the actual road itself if you know what I mean.
FH2 looked amazing in the rain, FH3 just looks like a blurry mess.
Dirt Rally also has this effect but it gives you the option to turn it on/off.
Please please give us the choice to turn it off.
Patch it into the settings for the love of god PG.


If you switch to in cockpit view while it’s raining/driving through water the rain doesn’t go on the camera lens.

Apples and oranges. The OP does have a very valid point, when I was racing in chase cam the amount of water on the lens was indeed disturbing.


Agree with OP. Current effect look a bit silly and overdone.


I do mostly play in cockpit view but sometimes I like using the bumper cam or the furthest chase cam for drifting, I don’t want my image ruined by rain drops on the lens when drifting in the rain. It should be a choice not just forced upon us especially as it wasn’t present it in FH2. Why ruin your lovely looking game by blurring up the screen when it rains ? God awful design decision to not make it optional IMO.


I love it.


And the point is: You aren’t everyone.

An option means that you can keep it if you like it and people who don’t can turn it off. It would affect you in exactly no way.


I REALLY hope they include an option to turn it off in the full game. I find it to be extremely ugly and distracts from how good the actual game looks.


Agree with OP… or wipers that work…


Wipers on a camera lens? :slight_smile:

Is that any sillier than driving a car from a chase camera in the first place?


I really loved the effect the first 10 seconds I saw it, because it looks awesome…
After those seconds though, I had enough of it… It’s covering WAY too much of the screen, and it rains far to often for it to be okay like that…

As OP said, rain looked amazing in Horizon 2, and an effect similar to that would be GREATLY appreciated :slight_smile:


It’s a bit much. But the last heavy rain we had here I asked the clouds to stop raining on me, but they didn’t listen. Looked for an off button but couldn’t find that either, Lol. Couldn’t resist makin a funny, but I do agree h2, and 6 were not so completely all over the screen to the point of nuisance. The rain effect on the game camera in the demo is just overkill. My motto for alot of things “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

Agreed! I thought exactly the same thing. It’s the only part of the game I don’t like so far.

I understand why we got water spraying on our screens now. Here’s my views and explanation.

Although frustrating, it makes sense. In rain, your visibility is decreased due to water spraying on your field of vision. It just makes sense to have a the “simulated” chase cameras to be covered in water, as if it were actually there. The same idea goes for the hood cam and bumper cam.

It does add to the difficulty of driving in the rain especially with a longer time for tires to heat up, and the water making the surfaces slippery.

I don’t see how this makes sense to why it should be removed. You either adapt to it or you dont.

I’d say overall, this does add to how cautious of a driver you have to be. With even less barriers than before drivers will have to exercise more caution or you’ll be finding yourself flying off the cliff!! Lol.


I don’t thing anyone was talking about removing the rain effects on lens but an option to turn it off. I need to ogle at my car when I am driving in the rain but right now I can’t do that :frowning:

The same thing could be said for other things we can turn on and off, like abs, driving line, etc.

Keep it there, but reduce tue number of drops on the screen. This was something done nicely in FM6 :slight_smile:

Have to agree that in comparison to Horizon 2 rain effects Horizon 3 is a major downgrade there was nothing to compare with it blowing a hurricane and pouring with rain on Storm Island but H3 is just an annoying drizzle so come on guys go back to H2 and give us a patch as quick as.

Totally agree with OP too much effects nonsense for chase cam, and problem for me in cockpit is the rain dosent gradually build after each swing of the wipers it’s just bang windscreen covered. And the rain wasn’t that bad to cause that!