Why rain & limited visibility in general?

Just curious, why people want driving/car games that has bad rainy weather and limited visibility (rain,fog, night time)? (games including FH, FH2, NFS:Rivals, Driveclub, Crew)
IMO it destroys lot of fun from car&driving games,… it just feels that gamers or developers want eye candy (like those rainy and other weather effects) but then it takes away playability? Even in real life I don’t enjoy driving in bad weather or at night.
So what’s your take in this subject?

A lot of people (myself included) do actually enjoy driving at night time and in the rain in real life. It is simply a more dramatic atmosphere (or at least, a different type of atmosphere).

Obviously, I don’t want to be at a music festival in the cold rain, because that causes discomfort. But when you’re in a car, you don’t get wet from the rain nor do you get cold if it is cold.

That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy the sunny landscapes either. They are obviously beautiful and southern France arguably looks it’s best when it is sunny. However, the extra weather conditions simply make the game feel more varied and postpone how quickly the visuals get boring (though, one could argue that a sunny southern France landscape would never get boring). Another advantage of extra weather is that it makes the same environments feel different even though the placement of the road, objects, foliage etc are exactly the same.


It makes things more realistic. I don’t like driving in night time, but with an open world it’s strange to drive around at daylight all the time. Night time does add another dimension and give a different challenge when racing or looking for items. Weather is just cool and if it’s done right it also influences how to drive, so it also adds a different challenge. In TDU2 for example at first the weather didn’t work, but when they fixed it, the whole game dynamic changed and driving around when it was raining and storming was quite exciting and fun, it added a whole new dimension to the game. It was done quite well, Same with Fuel, some of the weather effects are quite spectacular adding something special to the game, making it all more realistic. You get the feeling you’re really there and with Horizon that feeling was missing. Shame it will be still missing for us 360 users and there is no reason why it could not be implemented. We still have to drive around in an ever sunny world, except when it is night.

With Horizon, I never liked the night though. It wasn’t done well at all. It just didn’t have the same effect and feel as other games have. I don’t like driving around at night in Horizon, it’s rather boring. Why? It effects the visual quality of the game too much. At night the visual quality suddenly drops a lot and with the videos shown from Horizon 2 it seems to be even worse. If noght time is done well, it doesn’t have to effect visibility at all, but with Horizon it does. The weather looks awesome though, that seems to be very effective and well done.

Like the day/night cycle it adds realism, and it helps change up the game now and then. If you’re driving in daylight with perfect weather all the time you’ll probably get bored pretty quick. It just gets tiring to have the same environment the whole time you play.

But beyond that, it creates a new challenge. With the day/night cycle you also get decreased visibility, it creates a different set of visuals that you have to train for. Similarly, the affects of different surfaces, like offroad versus pavement, create challenges for different races and different kinds of cars. The weather is like that. It can make a race more difficult. Isn’t that something to get excited about? Another challenge to overcome. You wouldn’t be a very accomplished gamer/racer if you could only win in perfect conditions. Its like that in every game. Its nice to have more variety and more things to make a race more exciting.

And personally, I can’t wait to see what the forzatographers come up with when you add different weather effects.


I agree with you 100%, Koi. The additional challenge of wet weather or night driving add to the experience. I drive at night in real life quite a bit, and it doesn’t bother me. Seeing some of the FH2 footage floating about the internet that shows the night-time lighting effects makes it look incredible. And the visuals will certainly give the Forzatographers something new and amazing to work with. I’m only an amateur Forzatographer myself, but I’m looking forward to experimenting with the weather and day/night cycle to create some really cool pics.

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Just curious, why people want war/shooting games that has bad guys shooting at you (bullets, missiles, grenades)? (games including COD, Halo, Battlefield)
IMO it destroys lot of fun from war & shooting games,… it just feels that gamers or developers want eye candy (like those explosions and other effects) but then it takes away playability? Even in real life I don’t enjoy being shot at.
So what’s your take in this subject?

But, seriously, most people just think it’s fun to do in a videogame.


Man this made me laugh, even I real life In don’t like being shot at, pmsl.

I don’t want rain. I simply do not like racing in rain. I don’t like the look of it or the fact it makes you have to drive carefully. No it is not because i find it too hard. I had a friend in one of the F1 games who would beat me in the dry but I would beat him in the wet. But that does not mean I enjoyed it.

I do want night simply because I think it looks cool in games.


They can’t put rain in forza motorsport series because all races have rain delays (oh that could be cool but boring if there is not a skip–and put some wet pavement property’s in it ) but they can put it in horizon! because people street race in rain (kinda dumb though in real life)

I’m not an expert, or anything, but from what I’ve seen, they’ll only delay the race if there’s a lot of standing water or it’s raining enough that there would be later. If it’s just a slight downpour, then they’ll just put rain tires on the cars until the track (or at least the driving line) dries, and if it starts raining too much, they just drive under a yellow flag until it lets up.

And besides, if they were trying to make the races realistic, then you would be penalized for causing wrecks, the races would be longer than two laps, and there would be rolling starts in addition to the standing starts.

I’m pretty sure that the only reason Forza 5 doesn’t have rain is that they just didn’t have the time to do it. And since Horizon 2 has it, I would be really surprised if Forza 6 didn’t have it.

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depends on the race and how bad the rain is F1 doesn’t stop unless its a huge downpoor i think only nascar stops for rain delays, as for what OP says i disagree nothing like driving in terrible conditions like rain or even a blizzard i donno why i just enjoy it

NASCAR (And Indycar oval races for that matter) don’t race in the rain because it would be incredibly dangerous while at such high speeds. It takes a fair bit of rain to stop any other forms of motorsport in Europe, Asia and especially Australia and New Zealand.

You should come to Australia or New Zealand if you want to see people race in the rain! It takes a flood to stop us! Haha

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Nothing will stop Aussies or Kiwi’s from competing, especially against each other. Take the last 2 Bledisloe matches - the localized monsoon in Sydney or the haze from fireworks hanging over the field for 10 minutes in Auckland.

Forza Motorsport doesn’t have rain because Turn 10 wants the game to be 60 frames per second. I’d rather have 60 frames per second in a Motorsport game than night/weather racing. But I’m OK with 30 in Horizon.

To have night/weather in a Motorsport, T10 would have to make the game with fewer cars/tracks, fewer cars on track, have the cars to old Xbox (no number) versions, or reduce frame rate.

Not all races have rain delays, you (seems to be) NASCAR addict!

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I’ve been driving FM since the first on X-box,and i’ve been eargerly awaiting the dynamic weather since FM3.As a fan of most driving games,Let me tell you,PGR4 was so much better with weather & night to day to night is an added bonus also.I look forwrd to Horizon2.

I don’t care much about the weather so much but I would like to see races at different times of day. I hate having the sun placement and subsequent glare in the same spot of the track every race.

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In real life I love racing in the rain! It truly levels the playing field. And as it happens, I’m seriously quick in the rain so I say bring it!

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Day and Night cycles along with weather opens up a new world of challenges also gives the game life and not feeling dull.

I enjoy driving in snow IRL. Driving in conditions with less grip means the car reaches its limits at lower speeds, normal driving speeds, helping you learn your car’s behaviour and keeping your drivin’ skillz sharp without expensive track time.

Also, hooning about on wet or snowy roads won’t hurt your tires or powertrain as much (in snow, hardly at all). This might not come up in H2, but it’s my 2¢ on the matter.

I see the rain in H2 as more of a wild card. Ex: it starts raining mid-race, just as 3 racers enter a twisty, technical bit. This stirs things up, giving the edge to the guy in the impreza, while screwing the dude in the 'vette and the lady in the mustang (who were previously winning).