De Tomaso Pantera 1980-1989

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De Tomaso Pantera (1980s)

This topic covers the 1980s versions of the Pantera, including GTS, GT5 and GT5-S. For voting on the 1970s Pantera click here and for the 1990s click here.


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The most successful De Tomaso ever, most of the Pantera’s success came from the deal to sell them in Lincoln-Mercury dealerships in the US, which accounted for over 75% of the production despite only lasting from 1972-1975. After the deal ended, De Tomaso kept making them up to 1992, with the best examples coming out after the 1980 refresh. Ford discontinued the 351 engine De Tomaso had been using, so they sourced a slightly more powerful variant that was still being built in Australia and tuned it to 360 PS in Switzerland. The GT5 models had a Countach-esque aerokit, but also better brakes and wider tires. About 400 GT5s and GT5-S-s, S for steel in place for fiberglass for the body kit, not sport, were built in total, making the Pantera one of the most successful Italian supercars with more than 7000 sold in total.


Worth an add.


rear closer :wink:


1985 Pantera GT5


Yess please add and more of the De-Tomaso Brand more vehicle’s please love to see my skills on color mixes on this pluses add more different body kits and different spoilers as well as Forza Spolier more verity.

A GT5-S in Black, one of the most beautiful classic Sportscars and one of the best sounding imo


I haft to add actually the ultimate fav of another time on this brand keep pushing all models please big time but 1987 special Shelby Project one is more insaine looking even colored rubber bumper idk the full colors but iv seen White, Black, i think Argentina blue one but dont quote me on it thats my most favorite one another body wise is the 92 SI one engine wish was V8 but its not. Again if i haven’t say yet the color or customizations or even tunes on Horizon hopefully more different body kits iv seen one look like a Ford GT even engine V8 choices are insain even Ring Brother from Wisconsin put a 5.7 V8 GM in that the ideas are insaine make it haplen everyone please much more too also get the SVJ Lambo in Motorsports please its still not on that too.


Im so ready for this vehicle’s and the old and recent brand from this to come please forza get these last vehicle’s with a bang please FH5 add this and more why not i hope if its too late for Horizon again then please new Motorsports like a all italian DLC biggest companies including the De-tomaso Ferrari and Lambo big time but im not satisfied about Maserati and even lotus on H5 is choice on there.


Need! One of my all time favorite cars.


How is this not in the game?


Would be nice if we got the GT5 over the '71 we got in FM4


That would be my dream car in this game ! I beg you, make it happen ! Thank you !


Why not 87 one or 89 i mean the extra spolier look to me ultimate race look to me better road but i wish we could get all looks suited for the rally focused for the 71 or 74 GTS look my vision like more is that GTS from Fast 5 one where vince drove obviously again like to have option for all the body types for pantera. Why not all model types aswell.

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YeSS please.

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1980 De Tomaso Pantera GT5