De Tomaso Pantera 90 Si 1990-1993

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De Tomaso Pantera 90 Si

This topic covers the final production run of the Pantera in the 1990s, for voting on models from the 1970s click here and for models from the 1980s click here.


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De Tomaso Pantera 90 SI (1990)

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The 1990 - 1993 Generation of the Pantera was referred to as the Pantera 90 in the UK and the Pantera Si in the rest of Europe (the cars were identical), the car was designed by Marcello Gandini.

Despite the previous Panteras being popular in the USA none of the Pantera 90’s were ever exported to the US Market and remained in the European and British Markets.

These models were outfited with the 5.0L Boss 302 Engine from Ford but also received braking improvements with a set of Ventilated and Drilled Brake Discs with Brembo Calipers on all 4 Wheels which were also used on the Ferrari F40.

The vehicle also received some Structural Improvements to the Chassis and a redesigned suspension setup.

41 Cars were built in total with 38 being sold to customers and 4 of that number being converted into a Targa Model by the company Pavesi.

1991 De Tomaso Pantera Si

A Red one with different exhaust tips

One of the four Targa Conversions by Pavesi


1990 De Tomaso Pantera Si