De Tomaso Pantera 1971-1980

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De Tomaso Pantera (1970s)

This topic is for models of the Pantera produced in the 1970s, for voting on models from the 1980s click here and for models from the 1990s click here.

This model has been featured in Forza as the

  • 1971 De Tomaso Pantera (FM4)


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  • Pantera
  • Pantera L
  • Pantera GTS
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I’d love to see these classics added to the game

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De Tomaso Ringbrothers De Tomaso Pantera (1971)

1971 Pantera should come back to the new Forza games.



Share the Brand more it’s not enough on vote’s and would like all the vehicle’s of De-Tomaso please also y’all look up Ares if y’all like a updated look but different engine sadly but looks cool.

Yall should mention the Carol Shelby special project Pantera from the GT5-S the 87 one there is a video on it idk on how to share that though.

The first official 300 km/h mark in Japan was 307.69 km/h, achieved by a tuned Panthera called Mitsunaga Panthera. This machine was involved in an accident and no longer exists. It is an important page in Japanese tuning culture.

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1972 De Tomaso Pantera GTS