Day and night and night and day and day for night

So… I played a round of Eliminator earlier tonight and the time of day was all over the place.

It started with the typical day-for-night underexposed dark void that is evening, making it an interesting challenge to navigate the world almost entirely by dodging the silhouettes of trees and other potential obstacles. You couldn’t see the ground very well.

Halfway through however, it instantly became midday. That lasted a few seconds, after which it immediately became midnight. Midnight lasted two minutes or so before it abruptly became afternoon.

Mexico certainly has an interesting time of day cycle.

Has anyone else had this medley of lighting conditions happen in Eliminator?

Not me but I had a ton of other issues in Eliminator. My guess is their servers are completely unprotected from player intervention, or run on user machines, and thus accept any user input, including, but not limited to, changing time of day (it is supposed to be daytime all the time, I think, clear weather and summer, but I’m not 100% certain). I also had a fixed-size minimal circle without any kind of timer, without final race and without ability to challenge anyone. There were, allegedly, 30+ players but I could ever find THREE. I couldn’t challenge anyone, I just beeped at them and nothing happened. Some ghost challenged one player at a time, finish line was past the circle and circle eliminated players one after another. Sometimes the goal was within circle, but the player was eliminated after winning against invisible foe. I also was challenged, but having a level 4 car I quickly lost the 700m race.

Eliminator is “so much fun”.

It was a joke, in case anyone didn’t understand. It is bugged beyond reasonable. Out of all the eliminator games I played today (five, I think) only one worked to an extent (I eliminated two separate players for the weekly challenge, although it didn’t register for a very long time, and a reboot).

For the record: if some developers forgot to disable “debug mode” of some sort in the game client and/or server and left the servers accepting debug mode commands from users that allow changing all sorts of stuff, it would explain this nonsense. Or someone deliberately hacked the game client and/or servers that run our eliminator games. Whichever is closer to doomsday scenario for you, because for me eliminator is unplayable. Not that I want to touch it - I won one game, and that is all I wanted from it. Achievement unlocked, weekly challenges done, bye-bye eliminator.

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Increase brightness of your monitor.

You have got to be kidding with this surely?


My TV is set to a gamma of approximately 2.2 and adjusted to spec (I actually make test patterns). Changing the in-game gamma (i.e. its brightness control) doesn’t solve the problem, as it’s applied after exposure and tone mapping, which is where the problem lies when it comes to dusk and dawn being too dark.

The big issue here though is the abrupt changes in time of day from one moment to the next. It was incredibly disruptive.

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Not in Eliminator, I’ve encountered a bug in freeroam where the game immediately transitions from day to night with the sky box turning black and white briefly.

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I think it’s another HDR problem. They seem to have messed up all the transitions from light to dark.