Daily "point to point" cross country

The daily says complete two point to point cross country events.

So, what are these??? already tried two cross country sprints, and those didnt count. So what else is there?

And please, devs, enough with cross country. This game has become forza cross country, sigh. And you keep adding more and more cross country stuff…

I just completed the Point-to-Point Cross-Country Event in the Mudslinger daily challenge.

I chose to use the 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class tuned to A-800 (Off-Road).
The Cross-Country events raced on the Windmill CC and White-Water Falls CC.

Choosing another class. Good Luck!

I created a custom route from Glen Rannoch that is a road sprint blueprinted as cross country. A modern supercar is required. You are welcome to use it if you like. It did count for the daily cross country point to point requirement when I ran it with a Lexus LFA.

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Maybe it needs to be done in specific locations or with specific class types… Will try at glen rannoch.

i did two cross country events normal ones and it counted no problem ie windmill race and athur seat worked fine


You need to win, not just complete them if I’m not mistaken.


You need to win, not compete in, two point to point races. A point to point is any race that starts in one place and finishes in a another, so no laps, plenty of options to pick from.


I did Whitewater Falls with a Bowler (Extreme Offroad default) and Ambleside with a Grand Cherokee SRT (SUV Hero default), won both, and got the daily…but yes, it does say win two CC overland events.

I am also apparently a weirdo and like Cross Country…but I also own three Jeeps in real life…


You have to win, it has to be point to point, but you can do custom races. For the first one I did a normal p2p but I set difficulty to new racer. For the second race I chose a custom “easy win” race and it took me like 30 seconds.

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