Forzathon weekly

Have just starting doing this week’s events can’t seem to get the forzathon weekly to track in any extreme offroad vehicles at all so far have tried 5 different ones nothing on laptop have restarted and checked if any updates were available still not working

Sometimes you need to take non FT car and swap after leaving garage. Weird quirk but it’s happened to many


Still not working

I think it means a non forzathon eligible car. What are you using for the extreme offroad vehicle?

I just completed the Point-to-Point Cross-Country Event in the Mudslinger daily challenge.
You chose to race extreme off-road vehicles but which may not be the issue. I did not test using the extreme off-road mode.

I chose to use the 2018 Mercedes-Benz X-Class tuned to A-800 (Off-Road).
The Cross-Country events raced on the Windmill CC and White-Water Falls CC.

Suggest you try to win on a lower-class. Good Luck!