Customizable Car Pack (out of the vehicles from other CPs)/possibility to buy the cars individually

A higher price (e.g. double the price) per vehicle would be acceptable. So far I haven’t bought a single Car Pack because it makes no sense for me to pay for vehicles that I will never use anyway. Even if there are two or three vehicles that I would like to have, I prefer not to buy them at all. I am well aware that I am not the whole market :sweat_smile:, but I guess that there are enough people who act in a similar way. So the suggested options would certainly be worth considering and would probably further increase customer satisfaction and therefore further increase revenue :v:

$1,25 per car is already ridiculously high compared to most Car Packs in previous games, even the FH5 Car Pass for that matter. I’d be fine with being able to make my own car pack for this price, but nothing above that.


Yeah…i’ll even pay $2 max per car i want…i’m done paying with what i dont want…