Car Pack Bundle

Recently we have been getting a car pack with each series update. Unfortunately each car pack has a tendency to have at least one undesirable car (in my opinion, I like cars I can race with over cars that do not stand a chance like the Golf and Silverado) in the pack, making me, and I am sure many others, not buy the pack.

However if their was a bundle giving us the option to get all the packs up to now (outside of premium) and those to come for a price possibly similar to that of the car pass, I would definitly think twice about buying the bundle.

they will add some worthless cars in every pack…that’s forza…nothing can be done mate :smiling_face_with_tear:

If they were to have strict theming for the car packs, I feel more people would be willing to buy them. Thats a win for customers but then the company has to actually have enough cars in a given type to bundle as a pack, and cant give out some of these desirable cars for free to keep people playing the game at all.

Edit - Another way they could let the customers get only the cars they want is, get this, let us buy indevidual cars from within a car pack. problem for them is then they arent making much from the bulk purchase, instead of someone having to spend £4 to get one car they can only spend £1. Ideally they wouold do what bundles usually are and give discounts on larger bundles to encourage those but they dont do that for some reason.

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the thing is they want money…now if they sell cars individually no one will buy the useless cars…so they cant make money from the not so important leftover cars…so they dont sell the cars indivisually n put 2 desirable cars along with 2 undesirable cars in a pack…so that we have to buy the whole pack n they get the money…