Counteracting the Mid-Corner Slide?

It seems in every car that I drive, the car always slides out mid corner. No throttle needed, car just slides out. Very frustrating. Any way of tuning to counteract this? Is this actually supposed to happen? Not matter how lightly I try and turn, it will always happen.

Sorry mods if there already a post on this or if it’s in the wrong spot.

up the diff decel%

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check this thread out, might post your problem there:

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Smooth out your steering inputs? Alternatively dive into the tuning menus and set the balance of your car so the rear roll bars are softer and firm the front ones up. Set the suspension so the rear rides a little lower than the front…these will blunt your turn in slightly however it sounds like you won’t miss it much.

Alternately use a tuning calculator that allows you to enter the front/rear bias and set it towards the rear.

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It’s BECAUSE you’re giving 0% throttle. The engine braking shifts the weight forward without the stabilizing effect of the brakes, allowing the rear wheels to break loose.

Use just a teensy bit of throttle (to keep the car balanced) or trailing brake (to stabilize) to keep your line.