Awd rear engine

Any tips to stop my rear end stepping out. It’s feels like excessive rear role but I can’t seem to tune it out with Carrol Smiths crib sheet.

It not exactly excessive either more just a steady slide(not wheel spin) caused by lateral weight transfer. It’s controllable in high speed corners, less so in slow corners when letting off the gas.

I can knock up the rear decel to help but that caused a little more understeer than I’d like. It feels as though I’m taking corners sliding laterally 30%. This doesn’t feel like bad oversteer though either. Its gotta be the fact my car is rear engine but the distribution is 49% front.

So anyone got any tricks - this may be a similar situation to tuning the rear engined porsches



If it bothers you more on exit, you could try increasing front diff Acceleration, this would still let your rear slide in entry, but it would pull you straight when you get on the throttle.

Initial entry is ok. Its more mid corner but I’ll try a gradual increase of front.


Power on in low speed causes the slide. For example on the last corner(or second last even) on silverstone national my entry is good. This corner requires patience and control to get around as its quite slow feeling but even with a small amount of throttle the back starts to slide. It does have an unbalancing amount of squat with power on but hard springs makes this thing slide more.