Rear end slide

Im having issues with a few cars. Ive read the tuning guides and still cant seem to get a rear end that loses traction into a corner to stop sliding out. where do i start? springs, sway bar, dampeners???

Depends on the car. Where is it loosing traction? Look at the telemetry if it’s starting to break loose on the breaks look at stiffening the front springs and increasing the decel diff lock about 78-84% lock works well.

If it’s braking loose on turn in you’ve not got the balance right. That tells you you’ve generated a ton of front end grip but nothing on the rears. You can drop the rear ARB, tyre pressures too… Increase the front or decrease the rears.

Another option is to look at damping. If it’s under dampened it’ll bounce abit, or it’s over dampened it’ll crash about. Have a look at softening the bump stiffness and increasing the rebound.

Could be all of the above. I’m assuming it’s a RWD.

Cause of rear end slide = rear traction lower than front. Question is always what is causing the lack of traction or reduced load/weight on rear tires. If the problem is only at corner entry, I’m inclined to think this is a transition problem.

Spring/dampener ratio: If rebound damping is too high (compared to the spring) then rear tires will see less load against the road surface. So check for rear spring to rebound ratio.

2nd factor is brake balance: If the brake is set-up with bias to the rear, it will likely step out during braking and corner entry.

Last factor that I can think of is differential: high decel number will understeer then suddenly bring the rear out under heavy braking. If it is a gradual oversteer, then the decel diff is too low (allowing the car to rotate ‘too freely’).

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I tune mostly rear wheel drive, i watched a couple youtube videos and took notes on reducing rear sway and maybe softening the springs. any advice one watching telemetry? i know how to keep an eye on camber, tire temps and pressure. not so ggod on spring travel or friction. i think i have a grasp on brake bias. thnaks for the input guys!

If ur losing it going into the corner i ould simply think ur brake bias is to much to the rear for u and the decel is to low.

Simply move the bias bar a couple of clicks towards the front.

Raise the decel up 5% amd see if that helps.

There might be more issues that need fixing but its a start. Let us know how it goes

Im not on the brakes when it slides out. brake bias is only when apllying brakes correct? as mentioned above i think its a transitional issue. also increasing decel on rear differential will cause more spinning when off the throttle correct?

That’s more for when you brake and maybe apply a bit of lock pointing towards or setting up for the corner and the back end steps out, in which case the bias adjustment will help eliminate that. higher decel will make the car less inclined to pivot about itself when coasting or decelerating, which seemingly is your desired outcome. Overall, I try to run as little as I can get away with but for some cars it is just imperative.

No increasing the decel lock will help to prevent torque locking on the brakes or downshifting giving you more stability on corner entry and brakes.

I don’t think the bias will do much interms of improving the situation as long as you’re at at least 50% bias your brakes should be fine.

Next thing to look it as how much of the rear tyres in contact with the road on entry, mid and exit. Some cars react better to positive rear camber other react well to negative camber other react well to 0 camber.
For example my 458 Italia run +0.2 rear camber, lotus Elise 111s runs -0.3 rear camber and the Mercedes V8 super car runs 0 camber front and rear.

You need to either decrease responsiveness at the front or find a way of creating grip at the rear.

ive been tuning an M1, if anyone has time to run my setup and give me advice that would be great! search stlsinger for my tune

Whats your build? I would look there first, as theres no point in making a bunch of changes if the car isnt build right.