Controller update & Forza 5

Guys I’ve just done the controller update and really cannot get on with it, it seems to have made the controller way to sensitive ( steering) is there a way to un install it? I wish now I’d never done it :frowning:

There is no way to uninstall it. The update only focused on bugs caused with the headset adapter. I don’t have any sensitivity issues with my controller after the update. It works the same way as it always did.

Seem to get less random controller disconnects since the update as well.

Why not decrease the sensivity in FM5 using the deadzones?

To be honest; personally I like the update a lot since it makes for much more precise steering when using little/no assists.

Personally, haven’t found any trouble with the sensitivity myself. Things feel the same. shrug

As Octagon mentioned though, it’s probably forza’s deadzone settings that might be your culprit. In Forza’s main menu, go to “Forza Profile” (where you can check affinity, stats, etc) and move over a few tabs until you hit controller. Then go to “advanced settings” and you’ll see them. For the acceleration and deceleration deadzones, try changing the defaults (which are around 15% and 85% I think) to 2% and 98%, or 0% and 100%. That helps for some people.

I have tried changing the dead zones by small amounts at a time but that only alters when the stick engages, once it’s engaged it’s still now very sensitive.

I’ve played pretty much in full every forza game and know my way around the games, I run at zero-100 always have and with 5 I use sim. Maybe my controller didn’t update well? As there is certainly a change in the cars steering behaviour since I’ve updated the controller, we have two controllers here at home, my son’s and mine and now both feel very different to drive with whereas before I updated mine they both felt the same.

But thanks for the replys guys I’ll just have to look into it a bit further.

Turn off Simulation steering

I use mine on default settings, updated controllers, no problems here

No issues here either. I think users have to realize that Microsoft is not doing anything drastic - in terms of sensitivity - to the controllers with firmware updates. Most tweaks are completely unrelated to the inputs themselves and any changes have been so subtle that users on a larger scale are not reporting problems as a result of the updates.

Original poster: definitely check your in-game controller settings.

Controller update did nothing to the analogs. It was just for the heasdset adapter.

There were some “early” beta changes, and sometimes we do need to check in-game to make sure the settings we had previously we not changed. Otherwise, any “changes” to the way the sticks, bumpers & triggers respond are very, very minimal.

Guys the controller will not work at all now?
@ kill3rcurtis I prefer sim :slight_smile:

I think my controller is faulty but it was working ok before I updated it? Is there no way to remove the update?

Mine did that, took three attempts to get the controller updated.

No way to remove the update. Contact Xbox Support - they do hardware and this is not a game issue. Call them or do the online Support section, and perhaps they can test it for you.

Helpfully, you’ve done attempt here: Hold the power X on the console for 10 seconds to shut it down completely. Then walk about for about three minutes. Come back and turn it on, and you should get a green screen while the system checks all the updates and installs before booting to the regular logon screen.

If that doesn’t help, contact Xbox Support.

If I go buy a new controller does it come with the new updates or do I have to install them. I liked the way my controller felt new out of the box before any controller updates were available, Wanna see if I can get that back by buying a new controller.

Xbox LIVE issues the updates online, there is no “disc” or programming which comes with the controller. When you plug it in, you need to update through the Dashboard on the Xbox One.

So that means if I buy a new controller and don’t update it, it will be stock programing just like the one that came with the XboxOne . I wont update it and have the cars turn- in the way they did before any updates were advilable?

You only need to do the update if you need to use a headset adaptor. If not then no update is needed and you can choose to not update your controller. I have not updated my controllers and they are working fine.

For those who have chosen to run the update you may want to check in Forza if it has reset your deadzone settings to default. If it has change them back to what you want them to be.

No, you can’t avoid the update. When you use the controller, it uses the software already installed on your console. I would contact Xbox Support if the controller has quit working completely, and stop trying to avoid the updates. If you’re running on batteries, make sure they’re charged. If you run with the USB connection, make sure the seating is proper, and do the “reset” of the console. If that still doesn’t revive the controller, contact Xbox Support.

Are you using simulation steering? If so try switching to normal. The way I understand it. Simulation steering was geared toward wheel users and Normal was supposed to be for controller users. I have been using normal with the upgrades on the controllers and have had no issues with the steering. The brake and gas are very sensitive even with the deadzone adjustments but steering is ok. I do however believe that a controller is no way to steer a car the stick in my opinion just does not give as precise control. Some people are using extensions on the analog sticks and getting better control that way.