Connecting to multiplayer with satellite

I know this might sound obvious since satellite is known to be a bad idea for online gaming, but I wanted to ask anyways.

Basically I live out in the country and cable internet is unfortunately not an option here. My connection runs at about 20 mbs up and 5 down on average. However I get 600 ms of connection while wired to the modem. With these stats, I can play some games online (gta 5, horizon 3) but they weren’t always pleasant.

Now, onto Forza 7. I can still connect to online features such as Finding Designs, Auction House, and Rivals, but I cannot find an online session without it failing on me. I was wondering if there is anyone who has satellite and can connect to a lobby.


The problems with satellite connections are (1) latency, (2) upload speeds. The very high latency clogs the signal, and delays in uploads result in “lag” with is very often interpreted as missing the connection for lack of data being transmitted. Here’s an older article with an explanation of latency: A vs T - Astronomy vs Technologies

I suggest you call Xbox Support and have a chat with one of techs. You can also go through this: Xbox Support . The general consensus for a quality Internet connection on Xbox Live is “DSL or better” and that doesn’t include a satellite connection.

Hey dude.

I used to work for a sat net operator. I’m afraid online races won’t be an option for you. Forza 7 has a time-out restriction, so anyone “lagging” too much can’t even initially connect to the service. They may change this, but even if they do, it won’t be a good experience.

More “static” services will always be fine on your connection (auction house, livery downloads, etc).

Hi Im in the Country as well in Australia And I am on whats known as Fixed Wirless connected to the NBN on an unlimited plan I have a max speed or 25mbs Down and 5mbs with a 25ms ping to Sydney thats about 1,000km from where I am so all that sounds really good till you do an Xbox Live net test and then is all bad

Doing a Xbox Live net test I get 22mbs Down 4.9 Mbs Up so far so good and I ger 125ms to 150ms ping to Xbox live not good as by the time you take in the Ping time to the Forza server and a return signal Im looking at over 300ms ping and that makes MP an joke and unplayebel as I get totaled on the start line from cars I can not see or bounce of wall as the car suddenly hits warp speed. So I would have to say you chances of MP are not good and will drive you to put your gaming rig through a wall.

Fixed wireless isn’t sat net. If you were on sat with the nbn then its via the skymuster service.

Fixed wireless should be enough for multi unless your ISP didn’t buy enough cvc and you have congestion.
Node also suffers same congestion. Fibre premises are the only ones who generally don’t suffer.

Yes dysty Im well aware of that is why I noted my total ping times I was on Sat till 3 years ago and MP was a complet Joke with total ping times well over 600ms some times as bad as 900ms The point I was making is you dont need to be on Satellite to have bad ping times or would you prefer I use Latency instead. Untill MS put a server in the Asis Pacific region we will all ways have lousy ping times My Ping times are almost the same as Fiber to Node. And MP is far from fun to attempt.

Im not sure how you ending up with your maths…

Ping is a round trip. That 125ms you see in the network screen is the time it took to get from you, to them, and back again. You dont “add” them together.

I used Verizon 4G lte with unlimited plan. It provides 15gb of hotspot data per line. Which is good for around 10 hrs of MP a month. Most of the time the connection is good, but I do get lag spike once in a while. Once I get kick down to 2g, it still good enough to do the share and party chat.