Confused About Leaderboards. Help Please

I am somewhat confused about the leaderboards and I have 2 questions, for now.

  1. When you go into Rivals, say in the A division, and you pick a track, can you only use the car that the previous driver drove?? Hope that made sense.

  2. I went into the monthly rival and was going to race against someone who had an A car. The game wanted me to update my A car, and then updated it to an S car. I quit the race, because I did not think it fair to race an S car against the A car.

Please help.

Depends what rivals you are doing.
Most will have a “Restrictions” option in the bottom right of the screen.
This shows you what cars are allowed to be used in the rivals event and what limitations are in place.

When it tells you to upgrade your car, you should have the option to “race anyway” using your current car’s tune etc.

So if you decide to keep your tune, and race anyway, that is not considered an illegal car??

its a bug , its good that’s you didn’t race the S class car if its supposed to be an A class rival.

if you press ‘x’ on the rival you would like to play it will bring up a little box giving you all the details for that rival

i.e. class (some times it you may get mid class like…P.I.550 just tune the car to that P.I level), type of car, bhp if restricted, weight if restricted, origin/ country of car if restricted.

Allowing a higher class car in rivals than the restrictions is a bug in the system. It should not happen but it does. I think some of the people never notice their car is above the max till the lap is set and then it is too late and the time will stay until Turn 10 does a leaderboard sweep. I also believe the majority of the over allowed cars is done on purpose by exploiting the flaw. Although I would like to see some sort of punishment for that it would not be possible without also punishing some people who did not do it on purpose. That means no punishment . To make sure your car is within the guidelines just select Rivals. Tab over to the class ( example Monthly ) press the A button. Then select the rival under that class. Before pressing the A button, press the X button and that will show all the restrictions for that rival if any. Then just make sure your car is within those guidelines and have fun.