Monthly Rivals wrong classes on leaderboard.

If you look at the monthly rivals for certain leaderboards the classes being used are not even allowed. Like for instance, the restrictions are clearly C class, but yet there are numerous R and S class cars being used in the top leaderboard areas. Am I missing something?

Most are cheaters exploiting a glitch. I’m not sure what they are trying to prove, “look at me I’m the worlds best cheater” LOL

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I did it today, purely by accident. It’s easy to do. I am sure it’ll be fixed and the wrong class times removed. Unless someone does it on every class and track I do not think they are trying to cheat.

If you enter a B class rival match for example with an A class car you get the wrong class message and the popup to adjust your tune. Choosing the load tune option presents the tuning screen. If you hit the cancel button it puts you in the race anyway. For me there were no B class tunes for my car so I cancelled out and presumed it had simply adjusted the rival race to the correct class on the same track.

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I’m sure some are legitimate mistakes and some are not. For instance who tries to enter a C class rival with a X or P class car by accident? Regardless this is another bug they need to squash quickly.

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It’s about time that all these cheaters will be banned from rival events.


not all are cheaters i had it happen to me the other day luckily i notice and didn’t set a time but i can see how some can do maybe a c class race in a B class car. but the people in a x class car in b or a class races blatantly must notice.

on the other hand it is hilarious when theres someone in a car 3 or 4 classes higher than there supposed to be and there still down at three or four hundredth

This needs to happen like yesterday. The only way cheaters and crashers are going to quit is to get rid of them. They ruin the game for the rest of us. As usual mums the word though from T10 so I doubt they will do anything about it.

Surely turn 10 will be able to see how many laps/rivals beaten/attempts someone has made using a higher class vehicle and ban accordingly.

In my opinion do it once or twice, chalk it up to an honest mistake. More than once or twice, drop the hammer.

Or turn 10 simply can patch it. Its not a new problem.

It’s an annoyance but not exactly a game breaking issue to be honest with little to gain from doing it, just a few extra credits. Not going to cause bans. Simply needs fixing. Look at the silverstone rival glitch where folk were earning millions of credits. Lot’s to gain but I didn’t hear of any bans.

These things happen.

So answer me this. In the rivals, R class, I ran some races last night, and had an R car that I used, the Hennessy. The drop down came on as asked me to tune it, and because I was using an R car in an R race, I played anyway. Does that mean that that I cheated?? There was no “dirty diamond” next to my name when I finished.

R in R class is correct, not sure why you feel or questioning why you feel you have cheated.

Your pop up was suggesting that although you are R tuned, there are improvements you can make to be competitive. The system is really just highlighting that you are perhaps at the lower end of the R range so to speak :slight_smile:

That would make sense. I am new to racing, Fortza 5 being my first racing game, and I take pride in my races being clean. I was thinking that even though I had an R car in an R race, that maybe I had to do something else like in the monthly rivals. So forgive my “noobness” on the matter. I had to make sure. Thank you for your answer for it clears up a lot of worries.

Please patch this Turn10! So annoying. 65th when I should be 15th!

Hope this does get fixed ASAP, because it’s turning me off from doing Rivals Mode.