Complete Multiplayer Lobby breakdown [XBOX]

I’va played 4 evenings this week with my friends in a private multiplayer lobby. Every time we had one major lobby crash where all of us get kicked out of the running race at the same time. We landed in the pre-lobby and have to start a new game.
Also it happens very often that single players get kicked out of the race into main menu or dashboard. One time i’ve completed the race and by pressing continue to get my credits i was kicked into dashboard. Other players were kicked directly from the start after loading the race. When this happend we can see their Gamertagsign still standing at the startline.
Also sometimes several players get the low bandwith notification, but there are no lags or other signs of low bandwith and these players have a lot of bandwith. This notifocation keeps displayed on the screen for longer time then. In my case it has dissapeard after my personal gamecrash. But the other players had no notification before they were kicked.
We were between 10 and 20 players when these breakdowns or individual kicks happen. We played with XBox and a few (or single) PC players.
This not only unsatisfying, we lost a good amount of credits too.
I hope multiplayer will run better in the near future.

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Why would Turn10 pay a testing team when you can get all the sheeple to pay $60 to test the game for them?


I was wondering about that too. Does it have something to do with no incidents in your driving like cutting corners or unclean races? It seems that if you focus on clean within the white line racing the kicks are gone. I mostly race very clean and in the lines and don’t get kicked. But just this morning I inadvertently cut a few corners and was kicked. So is it their way of homologating the racing so people drive better? I am just asking and maybe that has something to do with it.

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I don’t think so, just had 2 pink limos causing mayhem for multiple races until my game crashed. Tried to vote them out, but still don’t have a visible vote to kick, and think now people don’t even know it’s possible. Would be cool if it did auto kick wreckers though👍

Totally Agree too and I thought that was some T10’s plan. In order to have the leagues, etc., people having similar racing skills instead of demolition derby all the time inherently creates cleaner racing leagues. I thought they were trying to do that.