“Chinese New Year” Car Pack


It seems that this kind of DLC has been announced in China.
Some of the cars are models aimed at Chinese players, but it seems that this DLC also includes cars that are attractive to players in other regions, such as the MG Xpower SVR and the NIO EP9.

Will this DLC be exclusive to China and will these cars also be exclusive content not available to players in other countries? or can players outside of China also purchase this DLC?

I could happily replace 4 of the current Car Pass cars with those.

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What the hell wrong with current car pass cars? You people just here nothing but to complain.


I know right? Why have an extremely rare one-of-one vintage Jaguar with lots of history when we could have a disposable POS Chinese Minivan that is not at all a PR move. I have a lot of reasons behind my contempt towards this game, and Horizon 5 just gave me a brand new one I never anticipated.


Nothing necessarily has to be wrong with them for me to like four other cars better.


I also agree with Ti Hsien’s post.
I made a post to the same effect in another thread, but there are too many variants of existing models in the car pass.
In contrast, the four models included in this DLC are all completely new cars. If I could get one or the other, I would choose this one.


I’ll gladly take the hot MG. The other three can bugger off. Also, game takes place in Mexico, but we’re getting an update appealing to China? The heck?

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One word “Money”
Rubbish films not doing well in the west are released to China end up with great sales figures as they make characters of Chinese descent really clever and in positions of power

One word “Money”
Rubbish films not doing well in the west are released to China end up with great sales figures, because they make characters of Chinese descent really clever and in positions of power even if they have nothing to do with the plot, ridiculous but that’s what companies are about sales figures.

That’s what forza are going for these days just figures, not making a game better or sorting issues or appealing to loyal fans let’s just make a broken game make it appealing to Chinese market,
Look at population “boom” biggest numbers the games ever seen.

Next game

If they want to give us extra cars then I will take them with good grace, the OTT outrage that some are showing is hilarious. lol

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Is this a paid pack over the Car Pass or part of it?
I feel a bit iffy selling packs concurrently to the pass if that’s what this is. Though a lot of people would complain about these ‘robbing’ 4 slots of the pass.

Until this is officially announced by PG, it’s a rumor and I’m treating it as such.


Apparently it is official.
Interesting, the MG should be fun and honestly, I don’t mind the van either. The Odyssey in FM7 was fun to mess around with.

Suggestion I’ve seen is that these are cars which will either be part of the existing car pack or monthly reward cars next month. I don’t think it’s a separate car pack.

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Hopefully we get a LandWind SUV… that is China ripoff version of the Range Rover…lol

These cars are of no interest to me


Excellent news if they come through. Good to have some domestic mass production vehicles we otherwise probably wouldn’t know about. China is a huge market and they make cars. So what’s the issue? Car production history doesn’t have to always get political.


NIO EP9 would be a cool addition.

From what I’ve seen 3 of the 4 will be playlist rewards and one is a Car Pass car, but I have to wonder, since we haven’t seen anything here and the update video was made on a Chinese YouTube site if we will even see these cars at all outside of China.

Any chance this connects to Series Four “World Cup” event? Adding a new nation to the list of possible competitors seems a likely tie-in…