Any chance we can actually get newly released cars in the game?

So, big fan of the franchise, loved the cars in FH4 and looked forward to playing FH5 simply because i thought it would have all the newest models. Aside from exactly A COUPLE of 2020 models, all the cars were recycled from FH4. And this system of adding 15 new cars every season (10 of them being crap) will take 1 year to actually have anything interesting. And they also keep adding relics that no one wants to drive. It’s a game! I want to drive the best cars on the market, not the ones i could buy with a 3 month paycheck! From the 550 cars in the game, you could easily cut 250 and nobody would miss them!

Huge makers like BMW & AUDI have a ton of models released but none in the game. RS3, RS4, RS5, RS6, RSQ7, RSQ8, M3, M4, M8, X3M, X4M, X5M, X6M. Could also add a lot of FERRARI missing, Alfa Romeo.

I mean c’mon! It’s a 2022 game! Add some 2022 cars in it!

Just my thoughts, let’s see what everyone thinks!

Cheers guys!

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I agree that they could update some of the car rosters, lots of cars that haven’t been updated since FM7, but i don’t agree about half of the cars being useless, the more cars the better.

I don’t have to like every car myself, but more variety is satisfying a wider range of people. There are enough games out there with a tiny roster of Super Hyper whatever cars.

The main selling point for Forza games to me is the big number of cars.

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I’d mostly rather drive the “relics.”


You can put anything in and someones gonna love it and others cannot understand its addition.

Just now, getting my 2001 Celica in the game is a Horizon dream come true for me.

But l still agree that the amount of new release cars is a bit underwhelming.

I’d rather see a balance between new, old and quirky cars - as long as the latter don’t break car balance (hello Bone Shaker, Peel Trident).
Personally I love exotic Sports/Supercars from the 90ties. A pack with a Ford GT90, Lister Storm, Cizeta V16T, Dodge Copperhead, both Venturis, VW W12 Nardo, Dauer 962 or both Vectors would be my personal dream pack.
But PG has to strike a balance. I got two 90ties Jags which are awesome.
I’m fine with modern additions like the TT-RS tomorrow - a car I owned for roughly a year. But only modern cars would become boring and wouldn’t do the rich history of car craftmanship justice.


First you’d have to figure out who owns rights to those. After that you need to get license to release those in game.

Jup and in some cases it’s not clear. For example Venturi SA which produced the marvelous 400GT and 300 atlantique (I tried for a long time to get a well-preserved one irl) has gone through many hands. The current Formula-E team Venturi Automobiles only holds fractions of the former rights and it’s very nebulous.

Thus, my list is very likely gonna stay a wishlist and I’m fine with it. The more joy when something like the Jag XJR-15 gets added. Instantly turned into one of my most-used cars.

You spoke my deepest dream. I’d pay 30 bucks for that pack alone. :fire:
Also I’m so happy the xjr15 is in the game too. We need older cars. A 90s supercars pack would make a lot of us older players veeeeery happy for sure!

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In my consideration, more recent cars are missing than classic cars.

We are in a 2022 game, and we are currently experiencing a transition that will not stop growing, which is electric cars.
And there are many “hot” electric cars such as the Audi E-Tron GT, Mercedes-Benz AMG EQS 63, Ford Mustang Match-E GT, Volkswagen ID.4 GTX, Rivian R1T and R1S, Hummer EV Truck and SUV, Lucid Air, NIO ET5, Kia EV6 GT, Polestar 2…

In the game we only have the Porsche Taycan, the Rimac Nevera (Concept 2) and soon the NIO supercar. It does not show the reality of the automotive world.

And outside the electric world, many cars are still out, Audi practically everything from 2018 onwards (RS3, RS6, RS7, RSQ8), BMW (M8 and M4), Mercedes-Benz (current A-Class, new SL, etc).

Then there are FM7 cars that don’t appear the FH5 (Lincoln Continental or Volvo XC90).

It’s a current game and needs mainly current cars to make it feel like a current game and, as of today it doesn’t feel that way to me.

Obviously not to belittle the classics, but there are a lot of classic cars and few post 2019 cars…

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Fully agree! I was a bit unfair to classic cars earlier simply becayse i reacted under impulse. Yes! I can appreciate classic cars, but would love to also be able to drive new cars and none have been announced up to this point!

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Maybe there are some free-2-pay-buy-my-coins racing game owning news cars licences so Forza cant have them.
But even project cars 3 could get a new cars within 1 years

I dunno
when I saw Microsoft spent alot on buying company. Can you give some money on forza please?

Do you guys entertain the idea that maybe there’ll be more cars released over time? Like, maybe, couple of hundreds more?


So far the little that has come out has been some super cars and rehashes of previous Forza.

And the only new Audi is the TT-RS, which is just another variant of the TTS, which has been around for 3 Forza Horizons…

And it seems that the Golf R Mk 7.5 is going to appear in the Series 4… having already the Golf R Mk.7 and being on sale for almost two years in Europe the Golf R Mk.8…

I am particularly tired of the fact that they only include super cars (and they are not new either), and they do not include many recent cars that, even if they are sporty versions, are still normal cars that you can see on the street, such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Volkswagen…

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Expectation: New car
Reality: Put a recycle car from Forza motorsport 4(2011) into paid DLC and that car already had a other version in the game.


Quantity isn’t relevant in my opinion since they seem so distant from any current car culture that I’m aware of. How is adding a hundred or even a thousand cars absent from North America relevant to players in the game? I don’t get what’s happening at all.

Why? Forza is doing just fine without them. Microsoft has other priorities, like dumping $70 billion on Activision.

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Without cars, Forza has no reason to exist.

Cars should be the most important element of a car game.

They have created a spectacular map, but, at least for the moment, the cars are the same ones we have had for years with some new features and bringing rehashes of old Forza.

If we add to that the online problems, the bugs… it’s not that FH5 has started off particularly well, in my opinion. It has a lot of room for improvement, in every way.

Without saying what will or won’t happen, remember that it takes considerable time to develop cars to make them game ready. Regardless of model year, the cars have to be sourced, modeled in the game code, tested, determined if they fit within the game focus, and most importantly added with permission via licensing agreement (and the budget for each stage of the process). Adding all the newest car models presents a challenge due to that timeline.

I don’t blame anyone for feeling this way, but it’s an incorrect assessment of what the community wants. We have many players who want and regularly request older models and regular performance models. We have many users who insist that no models ever be removed from Forza’s game roster. And we have users whose wishlists range from hundreds to over 1000 different models. Put all together, the community wants thousands of different cars, which makes it impossible to satisfy everyone. As it turns out, the breakdown of what the community has requested aligns pretty closely with the mix of cars you see in each Forza title: old / new, fast / slow, familiar / obscure, production / racing models from many different manufacturers are represented. It’s that diversity that helps Forza appeal to a wide range of players.

Please continue to add your wishlists to the pinned thread for tracking so we can include your feedback in the car sourcing process!

You are absolutely right and i can understand that! All i was saying is that the devs should have been more interested in adding newest cars first, and the rest of all the cars secondly. I mean seriously: i find it very hard to identify different cars between FH4 and FH5. It’s like i’m playing FH4 but on a different map. So it’s not a question of new licenses and models, given that most of them were simply renewed.

Sadly, i will be saying bye-bye to the franchise for this exact same reason. I have the game si ce the beginning and absolutely nothing spectacular added in terms of cars.

The game should have been built around 2019+ cars, not the other way around.

Come to thing of it, how many cars are unique to FH5?

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Excluding Forza Editions, so far there are 24 new-to-Forza cars in FH5. FH4 had 59 over its entire run.

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