Cheaters in Forza Horizon 4

I think it’s unacceptable that T10 PGG are not doing anything to punish speed hackers without any form of evidence. We need an option to divide the pc and Xbox community because a small minority is ruining it for the majority. (Example: turn off cross play)

We need some transparency.


I’d say that punishing people without any actual evidence is far more unacceptable. Nor does it seem like they’d be ruining it for the majority. The actual majority probably doesn’t care about leaderboards and such, and the majority of those that even bother to give it a look won’t be getting anywhere near the upper ranks with or without a relative handful of questionable ratings anyway.

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I think the key part there is highlighted. Without evidence, then anybody could accuse anybody el speed hacking and get them banned.

Nothing being done even with evidence is a different matter of course…however, you only need to look at a lot of the PR Stunt Leaderboard’s to know PGGs official position on cheating…sure they will occasionally ban someone but that seems like a “hey look, we banned one person…we take it seriously, honest, wink, wink”.

Of course, if you look at it from PGGs point of view, the logisitcs involved in investigating every single cheating report would require quite a lot of manpower and money (imagine how many “This person is so fast they must be cheating” reports they get when, in reality, it is simply the other driver was much better in a faster car). It’s far simpler (and cheaper) to simply ignore them ompletely and just ban a few players every now and again

They should at the very least know the limitations of their own game. Most of them defy the built in physics of the game, so it’s so obvious even Stevie Wonder can see its cheating.

If after so much time they didnt do anything, forget about it. As simple as that. Most of us had to get used to all of these because they are not willing to fix anything, so. Advise, just take the cheats as a part of the game, and try to do your best, period. Dont wait or expect anything to be fixed or you will wait forever.

Since 4 weeks, we have seen many Cheaters on the Eliminator mode. These Piece of Cheat guys are flying with their cars over several miles or use teleportation hack to win races in less than 2 seconds. They have been caught on tape, video are published, pretty obvious and gamertags well known. Are they going to be banned for a while ?

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I do report every player which I come across. I also message them to inform them they have been reported . Every so often I come back to xbox app and check their status and guess what, they are still playing online just fine. the moral of the story is that PG don’t care. and if you are using speedhacks or cheats or whatever, there are clearly no consequences for doing so.

I now “always” get an error when I report people via the leaderboards.