Cars you miss

What cars do you miss from the series? Not a car wish list of cars that have never been introduced but ones from past versions of the series that at this time, are not yet confirmed for F6.

Volvo 242 from FM4

Porsches. In Particular the Cayman R from FM4

The 2008 #8 Remington Shaving Cadillac CTS-V. That car was awesome, but it won’t be back in the series.


That and the other old R3 class cars from the old World Challenge series that went with it. Sure they were slower than S class cars but it was a fun group of cars to race with.

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Ings rx7
AB Flug RX7
Top Secret Supra
Top Secret S15
Vielside Supras
Tommy K skyline
Tommy K 22b
All of the JGTC cars

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I miss those RX7s, as well.

1993 lancia delta integrale evo iii
2010 lamborghini sesto elemento

1980 Lotus Esprit

The 2002 V8 is nice, but the body design on the 1980 Esprit is drop-dead gorgeous. The epitome of the “folded paper” style of the 1970’s and early 1980’s.


The E60 BMW M5 and the Z3M Coupe.


Right this two …plus Sesto Elemento and Jag XKR-S (updated to version GT)

I have a Z3M Coupe w/sunroof delete irl and it was awesome having one in FM4.

The Top Secret S15. Epic car, and one of few with a window sticker to boot.


Peugeot 107
Citroen C4
Seat all types

Mercedes-Benz C9 from FM4!

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Corvette C6.R

Also I loved my pre-order FM2 “Fairlady Custom”.


I miss the JGTC cars as well. Mostly for the ability to use the Nissan JGTC engine to create an amazing sounding V8 RWD R35 GTR in S class. It was a pretty inflexible build to get to the S class limit but I enjoyed the heck out of that car.

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Ferrari F50 GT and Ferrari F40 Competizione. Both cars sounded incredible.


So true!

I miss my B5 S4 sedan (2001 Audi S4):

B5 S4

But they DO have the B5 RS4 Avant, so that’s not bad. Guess I can’t complain!

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Ford Shelby GT500 428CJ

68 Shelby Mustang GT500 KR