Cars: Lotus Esprit Headlights Improperly Aimed - Please Fix

Hi Turn 10,

Lotus Esprit headlights/headlamps appear to be improperly aimed. It’s like they only illuminate about 3 feet in front of the car. I’ve been testing with other cars that have “pop-up” headlamps and have not come across the same issue on other cars so far (I will add any to this if I do find more). The way the headlights are aimed, it’s nearly impossible to navigate around any truly dark tracks like Spa, Le Mans, Nurburgring, or Sebring without using the suggested line at the very least, and even that’s not so helpful in some instances.

Can someone please investigate and hopefully fix this somewhere down the road? If details or screenshots are needed, let me know.


Great to see the content update and bug fixes. In the next one, I hope this issue can be fixed. I am trying to go through as many other cars as I can to see if this issue happens elsewhere, but for now it just seems to be the Lotus Esprit V8.

To illustrate, I have put in screenshots of three cars coming around the same corner (Virage d’Arnage - Circuit de la Sarthe): the Lamborghini Jalpa, Lotus Elan, and finally, the problem car, the Lotus Esprit V8. In other cars, as soon as you come around the corner you can see the Porsche sign in the distance. In the Lotus, you never really see it, even when you’re almost going underneath it. As well, you can see that, without the racing line, you can’t really navigate. Even with the racing line, the headlamps are so bad that it’s not really what I can call fun.

Pictures didn’t post properly. Will try to fix asap.

Hopefully this can be fixed in a future content update.


Hopefully these pictures work now:

Lamborghini Jalpa

Lotus Elan

Lotus Elan - Virage d'Arnage

Lotus Esprit V8 - See what I mean, or rather, you can’t (see anything)!

Lotus Esprit V8 - Virage d'Arnage

i feel like T10 didn’t even playtest any of these cars, just write a one line fits all coding for all cars. That can only explain how all the cockpit views and lights are broken.
I work in software development so I know things can go wrong but alot of these problems could have been caught with testing, every single car should have been ran though every track using every view. This clearly wasn’t done.

Sounds like a number of things have been done with a “one size fits all” approach, which makes since given the vast quantity of cars in the game, but also brings up special cases like this Esprit issue.

Were each car to be individually catered for we’d see things like T-cams on Formula 1 and Indycars, no ABS or Traction Control on cars that don’t have it, faster gearshifts on cars with seamless shift gearboxes etc.

I’m guessing general enjoyment for the casual player and development time constraints are the reason for this and for the most part it’s not an issue.

Hopefully the Esprit’s lighting gets fixed, if somebody hasn’t done it already I recommend emailing so that they have another frame of reference.

I would have thought that it would have been caught as well; however, they were able to fix FOV/angle problems such as the Hellcat Challenger quite quickly, so I would hope that they can fix this as well. The lights don’t work on any dark track. I chose this particular corner on Circuit de la Sarthe because of the Porsche sign - I wanted to show just how little the lights illuminate compared to other cars coming around the same corner at roughly the same distance from the sign. As you can see, your visibility to the sides is very limited as well.

Here’s hoping this can be patched soon! Lotus Esprit V8 is one of my favourite all-time cars!

Hey heyyy now, I already created a thread for this!

Good to know others are catching on. Hope this gets fixed; the Esprit V8 has been one of my favorite “game cars” to drive since the NFS II days. :slight_smile:

This, and the Evo X turbo bug. It seems the devs are being pro-active with hearing fans out and resolving bugs. Perhaps with the next DLC, we’ll get a second patch to resolve more issues. Cheers then!

When did you do yours, chum? I made this one 3 weeks ago - just after the launch. I appreciate the reply, though, as I want to keep this on the front page so the Devs have lots of time to look at it, get it down in the books as a need-to-fix item, and then hopefully fix it in the next content update. The Lotus Esprit has been in the game since the original Forza Motorsport on the original Xbox, so if it’s good enough to be in every iteration of the game, then it’s worth doing right!

I bought my original Xbox specifically for Forza, not Halo, so that’s how much I care!


Well, that explains why they didn’t publish my post, I can’t find it! Would have been a duplicate. I created mine hardly a week back. RIP Lotus Esprit headlight bug thread!

Anyway, hoping to see a fix soon. Some cars still have a really zoomed in dash view, you noticed? The 2013 Audi R8’s one of them.


Well, that explains why they didn’t publish my post, I can’t find it! Would have been a duplicate. I created mine hardly a week back. RIP Lotus Esprit headlight bug thread!

Anyway, hoping to see a fix soon. Some cars still have a really zoomed in dash view, you noticed? The 2013 Audi R8’s one of them.


Haven’t tried the R8 yet for this game - funny, I know. I will check it out. In Forza 3, a lot of dashboards had a really “zoomed-in” look. This could be fixed, though, by setting the game into “triple-screen” mode and then adjusting the field of view manually. The downside was that if you weren’t actually running three screens, three XBOX 360s, and three copies of the game, then you could no longer pan the camera using the right thumbstick, but your field of view was generally good enough that you could see what you needed to. Didn’t have to do this for Forza 4 or 5 (not 100% sure if the option was in those games), and I am not sure if the option exists in Forza 6, but I will check. If it does exist, then that may be a work-around for the issue, although ideally it would be good if T10 takes the feedback and does an adjustment, if necessary. I’ll try to have a look at it and get back to you.

They should test these cars after they model them but seems they just leave it as it is and let the consumer test the game and report back. That bug is enough to make me not want to use the cockpit view at night lol.

OK, I’m starting to move from “somewhat annoyed” into “definitely not a happy camper” mode.

This problem still has not been fixed! And I find this especially annoying after all the “yap-yap-yap” about “fixing headlight issues,” etc. in the latest content update.

The photo below was taken late on 11-3. Would someone at T10 let us know when this issue is going to be fixed? As I have said, the car has been good enough to be in every single iteration of Forza since the original Xbox up until now, so surely you can take some time and fix this issue and do right by the car and its fans?


Lotus Esprit Virage d'Arnage 2015-11-3

Guys, Lotus fans… can I get some support here?

The car sounds beautiful and they have nicely captured it’s essence and aura. Too bad you can’t drive it at night.

Cockpit View

Bonnet View

I’m sure they are aware of this issue (along with headlights turning on for some cars during the day, while others don’t).

It’s probably not a very high priority for them now as perhaps other fixes demand more urgent attention.

Let’s be patient and play the waiting game - it’s bound to get addressed sooner or later.

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Sigh… this still hasn’t been fixed. As the Content update for December was pretty vague, “Various car adjustments, including improvements on cockpit camera position for a number of cars,” I was hoping that this along with the tachometer issue for the Vauxhall Corsa would have been fixed, but nothing yet.

Still hoping for announcement on this issue being addressed, or even just hoping to hop in the car one day and find that it has been fixed FINALLY.

Cheers, all!

Perhaps it’s not a high priority for the devs right now. I’m disappointed too, it’s such a beautiful car to drive and listen to.

Didn’t expect F6 to ship with this many bugs. Discover something new from time to time.

bRoKEN since day one, and still not fixed as of Content Update #4. This is kind of getting annoying, guys.

Please. Fix. This.

Thank you.

^^ I share your sentiments; I too have been among those voicing complaints about the headlights on this car. It just isn’t drivable at night <— if there is such a word!

I think we may need to be patient - if they can improve cockpit FOVs with each update (yes, more have been improved), they’ll get to this soon I suppose.

Speaking of fixes, window tint bug and engine sounds on some cars need improvement and more detail (SLS AMG engine sound in general, F40 downshifting sound + improved exhaust note etc.)