Car affinity badges not unlocking

When you, for example, take part in a 100 lap race and use 3 XP or affinity mods, you can directly max out a car affinity.
But the badges do not always unlock (but I always get the manufacture’s mod card).
I am missing the Mercedes-Benz and the Ford badge (did max out both in an endurance race).
Game reloading won’t help.

Edit: The badge for achieving max affinity with 5 manufactures did unlock. So the game does count them but does not unlock the manufacture’s badge itself.


Is anyone else having an issue where their affinity badges don’t unlock?

I’ve had Nissan level 25 affinity for a while, I have the super rare crew chief mod, but no badge.

Now I know this isn’t that important, but it annoys me when things aren’t working right.

Edit, sorry for the new topic I missed to original post somehow.


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It’s not a major glitch, but anyways… I reached level 25 affinity with Nissan in Forza 6, and it was supposed to unlock a badge, but I wasn’t rewarded with it. I unlocked the super rare mod and everything, but no badge. Anyone else having this problem? And possibly know how to fix it?


I’m having same issue with Ford and Chevrolet. Got MOD cards but no badges .

I wish I knew how to fix it for us both, and others who are suffering from this issue.

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Sorry that happened to you, man. Yeah, I thought doing another race or two in a Nissan would make it unlock or dashboarding and getting back on, but to no avail. I see Turn10 fixing this little glitch soon. Hopefully, haha.

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Hi, there,

I don’t know if anyone else experienced this, but I earned level 25 for Honda affinity at the same time as another badge, and the Honda one didn’t unlock. I’ve tried racing a Honda since then–still doesn’t unlock–and I’ve also earned the Ferrari badge, which did unlock. Don’t know if it’s a Honda-specific badge issue or an issue when two badges are earned simultaneously.

For me Ferrari Badge unlocks fine. It was the first car with affinity 25. Audi does not unlock when reaching 25. But BMW badge was unlocked when reaching level 20. Mysterious. Turn10, please fix.

BTW showcase endurance races are great to boost affinity. You are able to add mods. Just take one which boosts EP or car affinity by 60 or 100%.

No Lambo badge for me after maxing out…

…the one important badge in the game lol.

I achieved level 25 maximum affinity with Ferrari over a week ago now, I received the special Ferrari mod, however I did not receive the badge, although it said ‘New badge unlocked’.

I have now just unlocked the badge for Ford, however the affinity is only level 24, not 25, and I did not receive the special mod for Ford, but I got the badge.

This is all messed up for me, anyone else having problems like this? Are T10 working to fix it?

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I did an endurance race with ferrari 333sp, got max level 25, got mod, did not get badge.

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Same problem… My FERRARI Level was 23… I made an Endurance Race and i Got 25 Level ( 2 steps together ). My Ferrari LOGO is freezed … (only the Special Modifications received )

According to this:

What you need to do is still run some races in that make of car; and while it won’t show you progressing; but the XP is getting added so that the badges should at some point unlock.


Any update from Turn 10 on this? One of my missing badges (Audi) spontaneously unlocked but not another (Honda).

Can add AMG to the list

I have a problem with Ferrari and Mercedes but i unlocked Audi badge when i hade audi affinity level 17

Same goes for me, reached level 25 Honda and no badge :frowning:

Ferrari missing for me here. Really annoying as it’s the one I wanted most!

The Chevrolet badge didn’t unlock for me when I hit max affinity; but I did receive the crew chief card. The 2nd badge (Ford) did unlock when I hit the max affinity. So I’m one for two for unlocking the badges so far.


I hit max affinity in Audi in an endurance race and Subaru in rivals mode, neither badges unlocked byt i do have the mod cards and when i check my stats it says i have 25 affinity in both.

I want my scooby badge!