Affinity Badges not unlocking?

have 18 affinities but the affinity badges for McLaren, Nissan, and Terradyne have not unlocked although I have the respective Crew Chief mods. Tried running one more race in a McLaren to see if that would unlock the badge but no dice.

Any advice?

FYI, I would’ve posted this in the Bug/Support sub-forum but this Discussion forum gets more views so I can get answers quicker. TIA

Keep driving until you see it pop up. Manufactures driven in Showcase events didn’t count towards your Affinity so keep driving it will unlock. I had this happen to 10 manufactures.

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Hmmm… I just did 4 Endurance showcases in the Dodge Viper and got the mod and affinity badge tho. Dunno. Guess i’ll do 50 laps of Daytona Speedway in the missing affinities to unlock them.

Manufacturers used in the SHOWCASES prior to a certain date (and the corresponding game update) had issues with the XP not being added to the CORRECT manufacturer - the only fix is to keep using that manufacturer. Have had it happen to several myself, they all eventually work out if you keep using them.

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Same here. It happened to me for Ford and Volkswagen as well. I just continued racing with those manufacturers until a unlocked them.

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Ok, thanks, guys. I read through most of the content update lists when they came out but i guess i missed the XP one.

Fyi, I’ve played Forza since FM3 and this is really my first time I really wanted to go for Affinities. Lol. I do wish we had Devon, DeLorean, and other now-missing brands back. But oh well, can’t have everything.

this doesn’t just happen to cars driven in showcase. I had a manufacturer that I started fresh and only drove in rivals. got it to 25 and no badge, then drove it a little more and it finally popped.

I’m currently testing something because I think there is a slight bug with unlocking badges and extended play sessions in rivals mode.

(ps, I have 34 manufacturers at 25 and 6 of them had this problem, 1 through rivals mode alone.)

Pretty sure I know the issue you are talking about - and appears to be driven by the way XP is calculated in Rivals.

Is there any pattern of which automakers’ badges have problems unlocking?

I’ve not unlocked the McLaren, Nissan, and Terradyne badges despite having maxed affinity. Just strange that they don’t unlock despite maxing out the affinity bar and therefore normally you wouldn’t be able to make it pop later since new XP doesn’t seem to get added?

The pattern is simple - have you used that manufacturer in a showcase? If so the XP MAY have been added to a different manufacturer. Simple.

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xp still gets added, you just don’t see it. just keep racing with them and eventually you will get the badges

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