Car affinity badges not unlocking

My Ferrari badge is missing like all you guys, my forza hub/rewards badge hasn’t popped to platinum yet either. YepYepYep

Ferrari badge missing for me as well. Really hope they fix this soon.

Is there any update on if this is going to be fixed soon? Not only are affinity badges not unlocking the forza faithful badge won’t unlock from gold to platinum and I progressed to tier 8 over a week ago.

Don’t know about the other badges, but I’m pretty sure that Voodoo said that the issue with affinity badges was that in the endurance races, and XP was being attributed to the wrong manufacturer, so that the wrong badges would unlock - some would unlock early, and some wouldn’t unlock when 25 was apparently reached. I think if you keep racing the manufacturers without badges, once the correct XP level is reached (which you can’t see, unfortunately), the badge will pop.

Yup, found it - check VoodooUomo’s stickied October Update thread in the FM6 discussion forum.

  • Level 25 Affinity Badges
    If you’ve reached level 25 affinity but didn’t unlock the badge, you should be able to eventually unlock the missing badge if you continue to use cars from the same manufacturer. This is despite the UI showing no progress past level 25. The semi-good news is that the issue we fixed here was causing some affinity XP to accrue towards a different manufacturer badge incorrectly. So, invisible to you, there are other manufacturer badges that will be easier to unlock since they have extra XP accumulated from before this update. This issue used to only occur in races where you chose your car in the pit lane, as you do in endurance races. It is now fixed and going forward you can expect all badges to unlock and affinity XP to accrue correctly at all times.

i managed to get it to work fine with BMW and Subaru, but my Ferrari badge still wont unlock despite grinding on free play mode and being level 25

It may take a little while to get back the missing XP. If you had done a longer race in a Ferrari before the update, the XP didn’t count towards your Ferrari badge. And now you basically have to make that amount up to get the badge.

So if I was around level 7 or 8 and completed an Endurance race in the Ferrari Showcase to reach affinity level 25 before the update the XP did not count? I still need to race and gain 17 levels worth of experience even though it shows the level is 25?

Seeing as I have to do that Endurance race event over because I didn’t finish in the top 3 I guess I don’t mind too much.

thanks for the feedback voodoouomo, i leveled up Ferrari in career mode mostly, had the same problem with the BMW badge at the start after i did 2 endurance races with the Z4, but then tried free play and unlocked the badge first race i did, have been trying the same thing with Ferrari including showcase events, but still no badge :frowning: [EDIT] just kept racing with different ferrari cars and it eventually unlocked, thanks for the help VoodooUomo

The only badge that would not unlock for me so far was Chevrolet … with affinity boosts and running more endurance races it did not unlock so after running so more races with affinity boosts it did finally unlock … I had no issues where a different affinity increased as some did … but leaving feedback that it did finally unlock … I should hit 15 affinity unlocks today as I have 14 now and am not far off level 25 on several more makes

It’s been long enough and forza faithful platinum still hasn’t unlocked yet…