cant join multiplayer

when i try to join multi it finds game and trys to connect but then drops, any fix for this?

Currently there is an Xbox Live service alert and, although it is predominantly for Destiny, there might be some wider impacts. For now, you can try to perform a complete console power cycle (do not just turn the Xbox One off/on) to see if that resolves the issue you are experiencing.

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thanks ill try that

still no luck, is there a fix for this?

Whats ur nat type? To check if its perfect test ur multi player connection. Once completed dont exit that sceeen and push the left and right bumper along with the left and right trigger all at the same time and hold for 1 second. Bottom right of the screen (takes a min for it to load) it should say something along the lines of “behind a cone”… what does urs say?

give this post a look. you will have to overlook all the negativity posted by me. i dealt with a multiplayer issue for almost 2 months. frustration gave way to better judgement

thanks moparjay. im thinking that may be my problem as well…i can share and download tunes and paints just cant connect to a lobby, I was hoping i could find a fix without having to by a new router/modem, mine is a combo modem. Funny thing is i used to be able to connect maybe a new update killed it. Forza is the only game i have problems with online

turn 10 uses a different server i guess for multiplayer than other games do. i still don’t understand it. but i do know for a fact if your router isn’t set up just so, you wont be playing FM5 online. the new one i bought has had zero issues so far. i just hope they dont do something funky with FM6 and cause me to have to go buy another one. i’d check to make sure your firmware is up to date. but since FM5 and i think only one other game has the multiplayer set up like this , the tech support for Belkin didn’t know how to make it work. then again i think the term tech support for Belkin is one that should be used loosely. i think she was from India with that accent and i’m from east Tennessee with my accent. i understood very little of what she was saying and vice versa im sure. anyway, i hope you get it straight. nothing worse that a problem you cant solve

haha i know the feeling with tech support i once asked to talk to someone who spoke english and the arabic guy was like i do speak english…lmao NOT, anyway i had to buy another modem /router its connecting now