Can we please get bug report status updates post Dec 5th?

Why is it basically radio silent 24hrs after the leagues update, where you’ve got multiple instances of people unable to join league races, myself included, and we’re still in the dark that the problem has even been acknowledged?

And I still can’t see liveries in multiplayer lobbies.

And worst of all, there’s still a game breaking bug where players are losing all their progress, garages, and bankrolls.

Obviously the game breaker is being looked into, but what about the other small annoyances, what’s the status there? Can we please, please, have some transparency here? Anything is better than nothing.

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From the discussion forum thread:

Follow for additional news. The team is well aware of every issue posted in this forum.

Let them do their work; don’t make them read extra threads when they’re trying to monitor these issues.