December patch?

Was wondering if there will be a patch/update for fixes included with this dlc? Anyone know?

None announced just yet. If there’s a free car coming our way then we’ll probably find out about that and the content update in an hour or so.


Yep, there will be an announcement made later today about the December content update :slight_smile:


The content update is rolling out now. 917MB.

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will there be an news thing with the fixes? and maybe a new free car?

Story is now up - News - Forza


“Players can now choose car divisions to race against when playing in Freeplay mode”

Best addition / update so far. I’m totally hyped right now.


YES. I understand why a lot of fans were skeptical or angry about this feature not being in, but we finally have the best sign yet that our opinions DO matter.


It’s a shame no such feature has been implemented for private online lobbies.

However, I’m very happy to see a fuel percentage added to the telemetry.


Choosing divisions in private multiplayer lobbies has been an option since day 1. In game options, hit RB until you get to car restrictions.

“· Addressed issues that were causing Drivatar cars to dramatically pull away from the field during races”



It seems that most of the issues I had with the game have finally been adressed. Bonus points for putting the fuel meter in the damage screen, as it’s the one I use to gauge tire wear and engine damage anyways (as I am sure a lot of more or less professional enduro racers do).

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No indication that the connectivity issues have been fixed, which have been even more prevalent since the November update…why was this not addressed!?!


Exactly,prolly dont know why.

no listing of what this months car is?

Sadly I don’t think there is a free content update car ths month (I haven’t been on the game yet today so maybe it’s there but not in the post, but I doubt it). So I don’t think there is one sadly this month. :frowning:

Nice update. Nothing was done that will make want to play the game long term (I just wanna see where I stand in the overall hardcore world either via forzastats or some other overall tally) but it’s good seeing fixes to single player and free play that’ll please many. Some progress is better than none.


Good updates. Hopefully the connectivity issues have been fixed silently.

I hope you are right.
They made a point of noting the ‘fix’ in the November Content update listing…said fix which ultimately worsened the issue as we all know. I don’t see why they wouldn’t make mention of it again now IF they have actually fixed it.
No mention (as expected), of any updates to the wheel issues a lot of TX owners are experiencing (i.e - left pull bug)…to name just one.
Oh T10…why does a driving game of your pedigree not get one of a few things right that should be a 100% ‘lock’…I mean really…using a wheel in a car game, its a no brainer.
Maybe I’m crazy.