December patch?


Cockpit view adjustment is good…I wish they would announce which cars.

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Good to see a fuel gauge percantage in the damage telemetry
It would be good now to have a low fuel light under the tach…

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The 2015 Corvette Z06 cockpit view has been fixed. Thank You!!! I can now use this car.

The 2015 Camaro Z28 still needs to be tweaked some as the seating position still seems too low, but it is not as bad as the former Z06 view.

How about position data and timing for replays? I was demoing this game for my Dad this past Thanksgiving and showed him some of my replays…the first thing out of his mouth was…what is your position? Also, I’m not sure why replay saves are limited, but that limit needs to be lifted.

…and how about those online disconnect issues? =)

I’m glad the game is being slowly fixed, so keep the positive changes coming!

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Is anybody else not getting the option to choose livery when you go and buy a car? I didn’t have this problem till after the update. Also, I am not seeing this car division in the free play area and it looks the same as it did before.

First league lobby post update…

lobby crash on first race…

apparently this issue was not mentioned, because it was NOT addressed…


T10, you must acknowledge this problem… Your most loyal fans are seriously getting discouraged!


Only 30 more days till the January update…


that sucks but not surprised. It IS a newer issue and would of course take time to run down and fix… and then to get approval from MS to update. That would have been really fast. But too bad!

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Mechberg and Triton acknowledge that they knew of the problem and looking into it. Like others said it it might not have made this patch is all.

I’m not just getting discouraged, I’m not playing. With the multiplayer soooo bad, all I can do is build cars and do rivals, but rivals aren’t even updated to new ones every month like they used to be. It’s so many steps backwards in terms of fun for me than FM4.


Agreed, I have not raced for about a week due to the major issues that have yet to be addressed. There are times where I think that the developers have not even played the game. The few developers I have talked with while racing have claimed that all the major problems are a MS issue.

T10, the lobby disconnect issue started immediately after the November content update. Please fix it.


Yup,Im giving up till its resolved.50 percent of my on line racing yesterday was disconnected… As said it started right after november update.So in my opinion turn ten must know of the complaints and when it happened so they shouldve had a solid base to look for where the problem may be located.I try not to complain too much,I love the game but this should be a priority fix for turn 10…


Regarding runaway AI, I’m still experiencing some in Career (Pro difficulty); in the last 5 races I’ve noticed the lead AI finish 1000ft ahead of the pack, about 2 seconds a lap quicker.

No free tracks as of yet… not even an extra car… wow T10 really spoiling us.

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After trying out a couple Free Play races with the new category option I’m a bit happier, especially with what it means for specific race divisions, yet I’m still disappointed in a couple things:

-Opponent cars don’t auto-upgrade. This isn’t that big an issue for Prototype, '60s and '70s Grand Prix, Can-Am, Formula E, or any other divisions where the cars are fairly close together in PI. But in some categories like Early GT (S766-R847), Modern Sport Legends (D320-B600), or Ultimate SpoCom (D387-B600), just to name a few, the grid has far too wide a range of PI, and even narrowing it down to one class can mean a difference between a PI in the low 500s and one just shy of 600, leading to a severe imbalance. And anyone who wants to run a car outside of its stock class, like a Historic American Muscle in Class B, is out of luck as far as I can tell.

-Opponent drivatar liveries just don’t work. I’ve toggled them on and off, but they never show up. This seems more like a bug than a missing feature, so hopefully that gets fixed soon.

I don’t know if its just me but every race I set up now in free play I am first on the grid, even with difficulty on unbeatable you just race away from the pack on your own which is not much fun and boring. Am I missing something or can you adjust where you start on the grid.Thanks.
cheers…ambrose slade.

What M4dd Dogg7 said, grid ordering is PI based in Free Play. To get the fun back I’ve started to equip the Long Shot mod. Try unbeatable with sim damage on and only a few laps to race! To me, that is fun! :slight_smile:

Thanks M4dd Dogg7 and Silv3rEy3d, should have realized that I’m a bit thick at times LOL.
cheers…ambrose slade.

Are you using the car with the highest PI of that category? The grid in freeplay is laid out so the highest PI starts first

Still no fix for the TX wheel bug, or FFB tweaks.
FM6 stays on the shelf :frowning:

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