Leagues through December 31

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no more points leaderboard???

Interesting, two races completed. The first one with Triton in it.

Then 3rd race failed to start - went to black screen with a little box saying race in progress at the top - gave it some time. Then booted out of multiplayer completely for lack of activity?

Hmm o.k.

They just don’t seem to be working right at all, at least for me. About 5 races failed to start for me, intermission timer ticked down, then the race started without me. 24 people in the lobby, 2 to 5 of them seemed to get into races. The one race I did get into, I came 4th in a race with only me and 2 other cars…

The leagues have been a pretty humbling experience so far for me - have only had positive points in a couple of races, all of which I’ve then lost, even with top-10 finishes. Evidently, I’m even worse at this game than I thought!

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Hey everyone,

Now that Leagues are live as of this morning, we’re continuing to tune Leagues. We know that there were some issues this morning with the rollout, including mismatched car divisions, players not being able to get into races, etc. Those issues should be resolved and we’ll continue to keep an eye out for new reports as the initial rollout continues.


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Thanks Brian, took the opportunity to have a cigarette and a toilet break - also slapped a quick paint on an alternate car to run - now heading back in. Will let you know if problems persist.

Does anyone else have problem game crashing when going to league lobby? My game crashed 4 time in row when joining league lobby…

Whenever a Homestead track shows up on the rotation, all drivers’ cars are reset back to stock PI levels.

Depending on which cars are being used, this gives some drivers a massive advantage.

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I was racing for the first time in the “track toys” league last night and it switched my 3 eleven from mine to a rental… I guess. So I thought it was a “spec” league and continued to race and doing poorly.

Is this another FM glitch? Are tunes allowed? How do you know?

Must have been a bug. Tunes are allowed, within the homolo… system. Spec leagues start in january and are named spec league

Think I’m already sick of the sound of the Honda Civics…

Kneel before your new overlord, but before you do, grab my paint :wink:


Am I the only one who really dislikes the time gated leagues? Absolute cancer in FM6 and now in FM7. Basically you can’t really put time into leagues if you have A JOB.

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I agree, and the same goes for everything time limited in games nowadays.

I really dislike being this whole being forced to play on a schedule thing in modern games, and not when I actually want to, just so I don’t miss out on anything.

Yay, discriminate the aussies again. Good job.

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But there are tons of people in the leagues now. Their logic is completely backwards.

Backwards isnt even the right word. Arrogance, ignorance, both apply. Its beyond distasteful now.


I may have overreacted, but leagues are open 24/7 right now. They just flip back and forth between the Icon Hatchback and Hypercar series. I honestly thought that they were not jointed, but it looks like your rank carries over from one event to the other. This is nice. Only downside is that I am better in the Hypercars, so I probably will not race the Icon Hatches much.

Yeah, nah. I deem your response still appropriate.

I hopped on yesterday around 5PM my time in the afternoon. Im the opposite of you, couldnt care less about hypercars, want to race the lower cars. Was told I had to wait 4 hours. Uh, No.

Ungate this pls.

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