help with forza 7 leagues (online racing)

hi everyone.
i dont do much online racing anymore, but now as ive completed the whole of the single player game, i thought i would see whats out there for online racing.
ive found the league option, where you have 3 hoppers that open at various times of the day / night.
each league season seems to last 4 weeks ?? with a reward car at the end,
but also each week there seems to be a prize as well.

on the league page, the help section doesnt say anything about what criteria has to be done to win the weekly or full season prizes.
can anyone let me know on this.
for example do i have to win a race, or many races, or just do x amount of races ??
thanks for your time, and answers if you know whats going on.
Lord Legoman.

Just need to do 1 race per week for the weekly rewards…
Think you just need to do 1 race per month for the monthly though
I only do 1 per week which covers all

many thanks, that seems simple enough. last week i did a few races until i won one, and did receive a car at the end of the week.
ive already won a race in this weeks events. thanks for your help.

You don’t need to win any races. Just complete one race each week and you’ll be good to go. Heck you can do a reminder on your phone to play leagues every Thursday at 7pm if you have trouble remembering to play.

This 4 week schedule has some pretty good road cars up for grabs. Don’t forget to play!

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