Can we have the option to have our headlights on..?

Most of the cars in Forza 5 ( a bit exaggerated) have some form of daytime running lights I really would be quiet happy if Turn 10 would allow at least some form of headlights to be used in races

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Well, you can turn the car’s headlights on in ForzaVista, and they brag that the ForzaVista models are what’s used when racing and vice versa… I would think that if they wanted to at least allow us to run headlights on (night racing I couldn’t care less), it would be relatively simple to enable. The only issue I can see is possible framerate drop due to running even more dynamic lighting while also running the absurdly taxing physics engine.

I would really like to see it implemented though, some cars look a lot better with their lights on rather than off.

Seems simple enough considering it is in Forzavista. Make one of the R3 or L3’s the button for on/off. Would be great for league and multiclass racing so lapped traffic could know it is a front runner.


You should post all game feature requests on this thread