Can not get Forza 6 data to sync :-(

Hello T10,

I have problem with Syncing data, when I start Forza 6 I get message “Syncing data for Forza Motorsport 6” and I am wating here alredy an hour and still syncing,
can you help what can be the issue here please? my xbox live id is “tofi78”

Thank you in advance.

sometimes it does take a while
after deleting my profile it once took 3 hours to sync
you just have to leave it and wait it out unfortunately

Ah, it can really take so long like more hours, ok I will try to wait, Thanks for hint.

Thanks talby71,

after I waited 2h the savegame finnaly got synchonized.
It is funny how slow the servers are, I have 100MBit internet connection, how big is the savedata :slight_smile: to take it 2h ?

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No idea on the size, but it does take time according to what you’ve got, including DLC, etc. Eventually it gets there - sometimes under an hour, sometimes four hours or so. The best thing is to just let it continue without doing anything else on the console. Go help a neighbor do something or take a walk. Other activity on the Xbox One will slow down the process.

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Mine took 19hrs to sync after preview program update formated my int drive lost all my games. Prob down to the hundreds of paint jobs I’ve done in f5/fh2/f6 and that was on 80mb speed.

I can’t start the game now !!! is there something going on whith the cloud ?

Yeah xbox live is having issues atm - check the typical status page on xbox support. I can’t even start FM6 currently… really starting to hate Microsoft’s cloud and the high dependence on it for doing just about anything o the console.

The save game sync thing is notorious for taking hours and being very erratic. When ive experienced it on far too many times, i found it sometimes sort of got stuck and by choosing cancel but then selecting “keep syncing” on the confirmation it would then chug along again for a bit… lather, rinse, repeat. Sleep. lather, rinse repeat etc etc.

Forza horizon 2 once took me over 18 hours to sync a save game that was just 32MB of data, most frustrating part was i couldn’t do anything else on the console whilst it was happening, which in this day in age is a bit pathetic really. Even the 360 had better background cloud sync storage, plus i never lost a save… with the one its a daily worry as to whether your data will still there the next time you turn the console on.

Good luck!

There is also some email addy you can send an email to and T10 may or may not be able to do some other form of restoral - forzafb@something-a-rather, do a search in the forums and you’ll find it.

I’ve heard of others getting a response but im 0 for 2 personally and seen far more reports of the same non-response so i wouldn’t hold your breath though.

I’m almost starting to think the entire of T10 is just one single person and it’s a really elaborate prank like the wizard of oz or big momma’s house or something :slight_smile:

From what I have seen it is xbox and their servers. I can’t even watch netflix, absolutely sucks! Couldn’t sleep all night, couldnt play, couldnt watch movies, not even my Xbox movies. Like Sirtra said, dependence on the cloud is rediculous, should have some sort of back up! I’m betting this whole Internet fad will end soon, lol!!

Folks, go to the source: Xbox Support

Social and Gaming

12/10/2015 08:55:49 AM

In-game matchmaking, cloud storage, finding friends, Game DVR, leaderboards, avatar editing, or pictures

Affected platforms:
Xbox One

Affected services:

Launching Xbox One titles

Latest update:

We’re aware that some of you are having trouble launching certain titles. We’re working to correct this ASAP! Thanks for your patience in the meantime. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

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Just posted on

“If you were having trouble launching Xbox One titles, we’re glad to say this issue is resolved. Thanks for hanging in there while we worked to fix this. We appreciate your patience.”

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Thank you for the update, sir! Now if only you could do something about me having to be at work right now. Haha

thanks guys . it works Gas on !!!

It’s happening to me right now. If I cancel the sync will I lose everything?

Edit: ok, it started showing a progress bar. Gonna wait it out.