Forza motorsport has been engaged for more than an hour with my Sync data?

[/bForza motorsport has been engaged for more than an hour with my Sync data out of nowhere ?.
Can anyone tell me why it should take so long.
And if there are several people have this same problem.
Then I would like to hear that.
namely it seems that I really keep many problems in game forza 6.
And I have very often problems with the online forza servers.
I am also so very often can game online.
Someone also suffer from such problems !!!

Plenty of people have this issue. Just leave it to sync. Some people have had to leave it all day. There seems to be a bug that stops it finishing the sync, but just leave it going and see if that helps. It usually happens if you play on a different xbox or go offline for an extended time, so it has to resync with the cloud and Forza save files are bigger than most games saves.

I had this on the weekend, it took about 2 hours to sync.


Also just saw that Xbox live has been having some issues this week, so it could just be that.
General rule is never quit the syncing as it has caused corrupted profiles and people have lost all their money and cars. So just go careful!

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For some reason the sync with Forza is really slow. I had to get a new xb1 because it died & took me 6 hrs to sync. Nothing to do with my internet speed as I downloaded the game in under 45 minutes.

Yes, even one of the Turn 10 people (not mentioning johniwanna’s name) had nearly a two-hour sync several months ago during one of the Twitch live broadcasts. You just need to do nothing else, read a book or go help out a neighbor or something, and let the process complete. One little trick is to reduce the loading screen back to the main (largest) picture on the Xbox One Dashboard, and do nothing else.

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My sync to awhile today. I didn’t lose anything but was given all the loyalty cars and credits again when I finally got in.

okay, I’m not the only one then.
with problems, I have all my money and even cars and above all my car designs.
fortunately still.
It’s time forza 6 a new system is that all people who want to play forza bumper car can be reported
And then after three reports simply can not play for a while.
or receive a notification that they have been warned.
or maybe can forza ensure that there is a room where it can be prevented to auto dismantlers to play there.
I am someone who is serious drive and does not want to collide with other cars.
otherwise I would have bought a bumper car game.
I wanted to buy forza vip but because so many people want to collide in this game, I do not.
as I drove three times off the track by small children who can not drive
I do not like it anymore.
they collide because they can not win.
and ruin it for other people who do their best to win.
all in all, forza 6 for me still plenty of things to fix.
and there to make a fun racing game.
instead of everyone stays express complaints about things that did not do much good this game.

for anyone who really wants to race and not collide …

can send a friend request to> LeiPeGasT0229
and can do it in races where I’m going to make sure that everyone who wants to collide there’ll put out by me.
to make it a nicer making game ban all car wreckers …