Camera and FOV settings in Forza Motorsport

Announced at gamescom:

PC and console players can adjust the field-of-view across all first-person and third-person chase cameras in Forza Motorsport with values ranging from 25 to 65 degrees.

  • Bumper Camera FOV
  • Hood Camera FOV
  • Cockpit Camera FOV
  • Driver Camera FOV
  • Chase Near Camera FOV
  • Chase Far Camera FOV


Console players too? Now that’s some really nice information :slight_smile:


This is great! Hopefully seat position is adjustable independent of FOV.


I hope it will be possible to get at least 80 degrees fov, otherwise this game will be pretty much undrivable for me, and probably a lot of other people (although I am in the minority for using 80 degrees on a single screen, most use less)

I saw that there is a mod for Forza horizon 5 that lets you get up to 120 fov, but this game is built from the ground up, so I hope modding in a higher fov will at least be possible if we don’t get official support

I have the same problem with dirt rally 2.0, probably great physics, but impossible to enjoy for me because it doesn’t go up to 80, a shame…

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Camera Height adjustment/ Seat Adjustment?


They’ve never spoken of this or offered it. It is usually reversed for the pure Sims Assetto Corsa, iRacing and the like. I suspect they won’t put the development time in for it because the small amount of people that care about it wouldn’t justify the cost to them.

I see some people speaking that they wish there was a greater field of view setting. One way to get this is to just get a wide or Ultra wide or stupid crazy wide monitor. As the game will support those resolutions directly. I play Forza 7 (and Horizon, etc.) on my Samsung stupid wide 49 inch monitor and it supports it just fine. That single big curved monitor has got me away from triple screens which were always a pain to set up and don’t seem realistic. And I find the field of view so accurate that I don’t miss the fact that they don’t support VR. In fact I appreciate the higher resolution of a real monitor and have my sim set up so that my screen is approximately where a windshield on the car would be and it feels very realistic. Its not a cheap solution and requires a pretty beefy PC but the experience is amazing.

if demand was a criteria, no one was asking for 8 contact points. The forum is full of suggestions asking for seat adjustments, may be you are new here.

I’m positively surprised by the game finally having FOV options, which has been sorely needed for a long time now. Same with the 360 degree steering animation. These are all positive steps. Still not fully ideal (lowering the FOV will also “zoom in” the camera, bringing the car model closer), the FOV settings would be awesome to be paired with actual camera position changes, like in a photo mode where you pull the camera back at the same time as you zoom in, so that the car remains in frame. But it’s still progress and I hope Turn 10 will add camera adjustment (or seat adjustment, as it’s called in the interior view) in the future. That, combined with the FOV setting would be the ideal solution.

Why does the main cockpit cam still seem very inconsistent across different cars? Just like in Horizon 5. Some are either slammed up too close, some are just right and i suspect others will be completely off. Its great that FOV will be customizable yet i imagine its a global setting? Meaning you can tweak it but it will affect all cars altogether?

It will be just like in Horizon where you get into a car. Say you dont like the FOV and you change it. But then at some point you get into another car and realize the settings that you previously applied don’t work for that other vehicle. Becase the base FOV for the cockpit can vary greatly in some cases.

cockpit view cam on the corvette e-ray:

the cover car cadilac:

cockpit on the mustang:

The subaru s209;

Also i swear the interiors in FH5 are higher quality than this.


The only cockpit cam that really seems to be at a different distance to me is that of the Cadillac and rightly so, because in racing cars you are much closer to the steering wheel than in a stock car, and even more so in prototypes.
Honestly, I don’t know how you can judge the quality of the interiors from a YouTube video, not to mention that the FH models have always passed through the hands of Turn10, which usually keeps the more detailed version having to manage a game on circuits.

I get your point about the cadilac but if you don’t really see the rest of them then i dont know what else to say. I am being really subjective here about the interiors.

FOV is meaningless when some cars the driver is sitting below the dashboard. Fix camera heights.

We definitely need at least 80 FOV and driver seat adjustments… Like many others I’ve been looking forward to this for years and hope we’re able to play it with a high end rig but without these features it won’t be possible…

I have a Simlabs cockpit and a 65" OLED positioned directly behind my DD2 wheel base so view adjustments are a must. The wheel base will probably be in the windshield without them…

Agreed, I see a few people here bringing it up. But the people that actually visit this forum are less than 1% of the player base. My point is the people that are playing this game for the most part are not going to ask for that, even though those of us that are here and probably are more Sim based would enjoy it. It takes quite a bit of development time to institute a feature like that, especially since they’ve never done in the past. We can all expect it won’t appear now or in the next version, or ever for that matter.

I’m definitely not new here. I’m one of the oldest members and have played every version of Forza Motorsports since the first release. I’m the crazy guy that had five Xbox 360s connected so that I could run five screens. Five screens you say on a console. That’s right: three Xboxes ran three screens, one Xbox ran a rear view mirror and the other Xbox was a replay monitor for my friends to watch. And yes it required me purchasing five copies of the game. This was all done on Forza Motorsport 4 back when they used to support multiple screens on consoles.

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Are these vertical fov or horizontal?

It still would be nice if this was added to the game. There are plenty of people who would align the in-car steering wheel with the steering wheel on their rig/stand/desk, as a way to heighten immersion. I know I would.

(Which is why I also want to hide the wheel and driver in either of the cockpit views)

There’s nothing wrong with having more quality-of-life options and settings.

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