A small technical question if i may [FOV]

Sorry if this has been asked/answered/requested already, i cant seem to find any info on it, and i did ask several times in the twitch live stream (game looks ace!) But obviously it wasnt answered as their were squillions of people in there asking stuff lol.

But anyways, is there an option in game to change the F.O.V? like forza 3?. I love forza but it just doesnt give the sense of speed without the f.o.v option.

I know it sounds petty, but after spending serious cash on a racing rig which im loving at the moment ive become a bit fussy with my racers.

Anyhows the game looks great and ill most likely buy it, but the icing on the cake for me would be an F.O.V slider, i find myself overshooting corners on forza 5 if i dont check and tripple check the speedo for my entry speeds, id much rather just be able to sense the speed.

Thanks and keep up the good work guys

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We can only hope.

I think the problem will be most people will sit to far away from their screens to use a correct FOV.


Unfortunately I doubt FOV will be in FM6, though I really hope so. Sinew cars have different set FOV in forza 5. I like to have a high field of view but some cars in Forza 5 didn’t. The ability to adjust this would be one of the best features to me.

a high FOV will make it seem like you are going faster than you really are. It will also distort the scale of the environment so you cant hit your marks properly.

A correct FOV with a single screen is quite low, which is why triples are desirable. This is all obviously negated by VR now though.

There is no correct field of view, only a field of view you like racing with.

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There actually is, educate yourself

Thanks for the link, but in the videos he only reinforces what we’re saying, personal preference wins over a ‘correct’ f.o.v, also who’s to say forza 6 f.o.v isnt extremely narrow like forza 5? Exactly how correct will it be?

Loved his vid Sim Racing 101 : Field of View - Seeing is Believing (Ep7) - YouTube like he says, we should be bugging the devs for f.o.v in every ‘sim’, as any game that wants to be classed as that needs these options as basic really

Wrong. Field of view should be just how you want it and if you like your field of view than it it correct to you. For example if you have a car in real life that is in a game, you don’t look for the “correct field of view” in the game, you adjust it to the way you like driving in real life and if you don’t like that in the game, you keep adjusting to how you like it in the game. If you like to drive with the seats far back in real life then you will probably like a high FOV in the game, it may not be the correct field if view to some people but that’s their opinion of a “correct field of view” and the way you like your field of view is a “correct field of view” to you.

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I do believe that your field of view decreases as you get older so It varies.

the denial is strong in this one. You keep telling yourself that. Feel free to tell all the simracers how wrong they are.


Actually, he is partially correct. Even Empty Box adjusts his FOV for open-wheel cars.
There some FOVs, while realistic, offer very little situation awareness and overall visibility (i.e, mirrors, surrounding cars, etc). Obviously this is due to the type of monitor/TV you have. Sometimes you have no choice and you have to use an “unrealistic” FOV in order to help you. Otherwise you are just guessing where your competitors are.

That is why iracing has the ‘spotter’.

‘car left/right’, ‘clear on left/right’

Sometimes they are not enough and there are various situations when they can be unreliable.
The best approach regarding FOV is what Empty Box said. When you can, use it, always. When you have low visibility, change it to some extent while still keeping the real visual cues.

do like in real life, you know you have blind spots so you use your ears. even on quiet cars you can hear the tires

Wow…I’m amazed you find Forza 5’s sense of speed lacking.

Try turning off motion effects, switch to bumper cam and get back to us.

Of course, silly me, who wouldve thought that i shouldve tried a different viewpoint/motion effect setup.

Of course i have, im tier 7, ive played every forza, in every viewpoint, along with just about every other type of racer, with several hundred hours on each.

Look im not after personal opinions or preferences, forza 5 is my least played racer because of the extremely narrow field of view, it just doesnt feel right.

As for ‘hitting your markers’, i find it much more easy to kiss those apex’s with a wide f.o.v, and like i said, with my rig it feels ten times better.

All im after guys is somebody who has the info, like a dev, who can tell me for sure theres a f.o.v slider, if so ill buy the full version within seconds lol.

Ill post a vid of project cars (if its allowed), of 2 laps, same car, track, viewpoint but with both on either end if the f.o.v scale and tell me you dont prefer the wide f.o.v…

Unfortunately, none of us know, and the devs aren’t going to respond.

I thought maybe the case mate, thanks anyway, i just hold off untill release and see if i can find out then.

I know it sounds like a small, silly thing but its a big deciding factor with people using rigs, and now that there’s new wheels and extras coming out i thought maybe theu would’ve brought the fov slider back.

I’m with you on this one TAGS Battfink, FOV is so important when it comes to rig setup. Fingers crossed it makes it into F6.

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What sort of setup are you using bud? I have the playseat alacantara with the tv stand pro so the tv is RIGHT behind the wheel lol, but even like this forza 5’s f.o.v simply isnt good enough (for my personal preference anyways)

(Also got the tx, gte leather wheel, th8a shifter, t3pa PRO pedals, and hopefully the buttkicker soon)