Camera height/angle independent of FOV in cockpit view


As a request for the next Motorsport Game, could you add more « camera levels » and « FOV » options especially on console ?

About camera level I mean being able to choose the height / angle of the camera. Gran Turismo offer more customization regarding this for example.

Thanks in advance

Yes please. There’s a lot of cars in Motorsport were you can’t see anything in cockpit view. Would be awesome if we could raise the height, tilt the camera and move it forward/backwards. Also hope the custom settings you do will stay on that car and be different on other cars. Microsoft Flight Simulator has the ability to move the camera height but its account wide and not plane specific.

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Yes! Allow the player to set FOV and camera position in a cockpit view. This is a must in my opinion. Proper FOV not only makes a difference in how the game looks but, the game’s feel is greatly affected. In RaceRoom, a PC racing title I migrated to since FM7 wasn’t doing it for me. On my screen the cars I am racing near seem to be as big as a real-life car. When I am drafting behind a car and close to it’s bumper, I feel like I am uncomfortably close. In Forza Motorsport 7, even when bumping into the car in front of me, I feel as if I have another half car length to go.

Then the tracks just have more presence because elevations are better depicted, turns are tighter because they feel to scale. Even Race Marshalls standing next to you in a Formula car seem as if they are towering over you, because they are. You’re practically laying down, remember? Allowing the player to set their own FOV, gives the player a powerful means of increasing immersion. It should be in the newest Motorsport title.

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Please, we want setting the chase camera FOV, Rotation and height

I can’t understand why they don’t put a chase drift camera. the drift camera placed is the one in the cockpit, but that’s not the one we want. I want to put the car on its side on a curve and not have the camera fixed behind the car looking at the wall. A camera like this would be fantastic:

Please, try make this camera for us, forza lovers!!!

Please, we want setting the chase camera FOV, Rotation and height.

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Yes!! In console.
Please also for Chase cam
(3rd person view)
Add the option to adjust the distance, height and angle of the cars to better suit each player tastes and TV/Monitor sizes

In the third-person mode of Forza racing cars, the view height is too high, like playing with a “toy car”, because the sports cars that people usually see are low-sighted. It is hoped that in the official third-person racing mode, the function of custom “view height and FOV” will be added, instead of the preset perspectives. Do you agree?

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If you can, please edit your Suggestion title to:

‘Changeable FOV’

You’ll get more views and possibly votes, if it’s in English.


This is really a good idea.

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Correct seat position and FoV are imperative for those with sim racing rigs. In addition to FoV adjustment, it’s important to be able to change the driver’s seat position independently.

Not having the correct FOV will make FM is total joke in the community, I heard the FOV adjustments really limited, hopefully, I’m wrong.

Agree, that’s what killed dirt rally 2.0 for me,

I use 80 degrees fov on a single 27’’ screen

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I saw fh5 has a mod to increase the fov up to 120,
I hope that won’t change with Motorsport being built from the ground up

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Some cars Interior cam are way to close to the steering wheel, i want a option to adjust the seat position to my preferences.


Some seats are too low. We need an option to calibrate them


It is nice that FOV was finally added, but many people are using wheel and pedal peripherals now and even dedicated sim rigs. There needs not be more adjustability beyond just the limited FOV settings that exist now. We need to be able to also adjust the seating position height and distance.


This would be nice to set up for each car individually

I love being able to properly use an accutate FoV in Forza Motorsport!

I DON’T love how high the driver is positioned! The camera/seat position also needs to be able to be adjusted aft/fore and forward/backward as some cars, like the P1 cars, are literally undrivable because an accurate FOV for my screen size and eye distance (35 for me) in cockpit has over half of my screen occluded by the roof and mirrors.

Every other title on the market allows for adjusting the seating position. You made a great accessibility step forward with FoV adjustments, now get it across the finish line with seat adjustments!

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Could you make a higher sitting position on the inside view of a car and also a higher view from the bumper view. Actually I don’t see good where the race track goes, where are the corners, and driving behind another car is difficult to see the corners. I play on a PAD.

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I’d love to be able to use the interior views while driving in FM 2023, but in addition to the lack of a virtual rearview mirror, the main thing that turns me off is the inability to adjust the camera positioning. FOV adjustments are a step in the right direction, but it’s only half the battle. We also need to be able to adjust the camera up/down, forward/rearward, and tilt up/down.

Until then, I’m stuck playing in hood cam. :unamused:

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Yes please. If you drive in drivers view with a GT wheel changinge the FOV isn’t enough to get a proper view.