Camera height/angle independent of FOV in cockpit view

Would like option to remove movement and wobble from hood camera. Turning off movement just applies to in car view


Adding an option to lock Camera to horizon instead of car makes it more comfortable in cockpit view.

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FoV is a step in the right direction but we need also seat movement (at least forward, backward and up, down).
To make it good, we would also need the option to disable the wheel or at least the driver hands. ATM I look at my physical wheel in front of the display wheel.

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I wish they had an ability to change camera position even on hood cam so I can move it backwards a little


hello, when?

Voted. The game desperately needs this. The difference between the FM camera placement and what I find comfortable is incredible.

My monitors are sat above my steering wheel, about at the height of the windshield in a real car, just a lot closer than most windshields. My horizon line on a flat plane is about 2" down from the center of a 27" 16:9 monitor. On a sim where I can ajust the camera placement I get a good sense of how big the world is outside of the car. In an LMP, sitting next to a marshal before leaving the pits really sells the illusion of how low I am sitting. Driving under a pedestrian bridge at Sebring, gives a good scale of how big it is.

In Forza, that effect is mostly not there. I first have to look up at the horizon, then the camera is pointed at the road and not looking out at the track. In Forza I have to force my self to look ahead, where in sims its natural to do so.

It also doesn’t help that the side screens don’t have adjustable projection angles, making them useless when trying to judge how far away from cars next to me. My monitors are set at an angle that would help looking left and right.

Hopefully seat adjustment would be addressed, and proper triple screen settings will be implemented at some point.

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The ability to change camera position in car is a must have feature and is completely independent of FOV.

PLEASE add this!

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This is an absolute must.

Why can’t we adjust the position of the seat in the car (forward/backward/up/down)??? All major sims can do this basic requirement. Screen resolutions, FOVs are all different, thus must allow for basic seat movement for a more realistic and immersive experience.

In car seat adjustments need to be implemented immediately. This of course is independent of FOV. It’s ridiculous that a AAA racing title does not include this at launch.

The hability to move the camera up or down ( seat adjustment ) in the driver ( or cockpit ) view.

This feature would be helpful because in some cars the camera is way too high, making your vision line up with the top of the windshield instead of the middle which can cause problems if the car has a sponsor banner which obstructs the field of view. The ability to move the camera down would help combat this issue.

Oreca 07 P2 example ( screenshot is edited to highlight the issue )

It would be nice to see adjustable driver position in cockpit view (height, pitch, distance to wheel). Some cars are hard to see out of, and the default horizon position is further above eye level than most monitor setups can adjust for, which gives a distorted visual.


This and a slider for seat distance would be very welcome. It looks like you’re always looking down, and in some cars you’re kissing the steering wheel.

The FOV settings in Forza Motorsport are not sufficient for optimal adjustment.
Here it would be nice if you had a sitting position to adjust (at least up and down, of course forward and back would also be nice) and that in the in-game among the options so that you can test the sitting position straight away.
Thank you in advance for your implementation

This feature is long overdue.

Do u know what drives me crazy the most in forza motorsport 2023 ? They have 450 menus of everything and NOT A BASIC requirement for every car game in this world , the seat position , how i supposed to adjust my view in my sim rig ? Some cars you kiss the wheel some cars like most ferraris you drive like seating in the back seats , some cars the camera is to high , i love to seat very low in my cars like a proper race car , its very annoying because once you figure out how to set up your wheel (i did ) and make some upgrades on your car the physics and handling are not bad at all , very enjoyable and fun to play , i just tried the acc new update gt2 pack , the ktm gt2 car , both acc and fm8 and have to say i was very surprised to find out the car is very close to the perfection of acc , mmm , even the amazing sound of the engine is close , i was not expected this , good job fm8

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Why we dont have seat position , camera view settings in forza motorsport? How hard can be putting this menu in the game ? It’s almost impossible to find the perfect seating position in the car for us with sim rigs /wheels
The fov is great to have but the camera view settings /seat position It’s even more crucial to fine tune the view
Please Turn 10 add this menu in the next update ! Thank you

Dunno where else to post this under the Suggestions hub sub-categories, so here goes:

In many cars, it feels like the driver’s well over 6ft tall in cockpit view with his head touching the roof. Makes the dials difficult to see as the steering wheel is obstructing them.

Height adjustment would be a welcome addition.

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I think the problem might have to do with how many assignments the Xbox controllers have, simple solution to that is to be able to select what buttons do this and that like in FH5, you can lose certain features without losing the needed main control settings.

If it’s not possible for the consoles it is possible for the PC version as you can bind the keyboard if necessary.

Certain cars in the game are either too high or too low in the internal view, e.g the late model Aston Martin Zagato internal view is way too low and on certain tracks you lose sight of the tarmac going over crests

Also really distracting is how your driver’s hands cross over and all of a sudden his entire arm and shoulder pop into view. Utterly bizarre and obstructive.

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