Buying all cars that are not locked or on the dealer page

After putting in some serious hours into forza 7, I’m almost at the point of having no more vehicles to buy (in game).

Does anyone know what the after race tier prize options do once you have bought all of the unlocked cars?

Thanks Andy

The rewards start repeating themselves somewhere around level 500, you wont be offered any of the locked cars if that’s what you are wondering about.

I got a Veyron at level 23X. Still waiting for the Donk.

From my bad memory I think the next cars come arround 250, 275 and 300 or there abouts

Damn, I can remeber i got it too, but I took the Money Because I am not a big Bugatti-fan, don´t mind it´s a locked Car!

This is not correct. I got 3 locked cars through milestone rewards so far. Both a vintage Porsche and a vintage Lotus. The Lotus actually unlocked 2 races after I raced with it as a rental, that’s why I’m 100% sure they were locked cars.

Yep your correct it all comes down to how many cars you own, when the VIP cars had some real value like an extra 10,000 creds per race doing a bunch of 30 seconds races was worh a lot of money but almost no XP and I beat the living pistons out of that car for about 3 days :grin: And got a ton of cash up And then gave the Ram runner a beating at the Air port drag strip 8,000 xp ever 15 seconds :grinning:

And they the got Netured :cry:

With this I bough ever car I could below Tier 4 with Credits and level ups and then bought the rest with Grinding and Level ups Once you have almost ever car below Tier 5 you start to get Lots of Repeats. Repets seem to depend a lot on your Collection Tier I am now at level 43 and was at level 42 Quite some time ago Due to money made of VIP cars Level ups and sale of Tunes that were arround 50,000 to 100,000 per day for about 6 to 8 weeks… And I have gotten a few Repeats and Still have 5 Ford Cobras FE a Locked level up reward car in the garage waiting to be Sold

There are a few Porsche’s that are locked, but the 1960 Porsche 718 RS 60 (I am assuming this is the car to which you refer) is not one of them. If you want to know if a car is locked, just go to the ‘Buy Cars’ page and look for it. If you can’t buy it, it’s a locked car. If you can buy it, i don’t believe it was ever locked.

Heh, I understand how it works :).

I got the Lotus Eleven, which is locked. I also got a Bugatti SuperSport which is also locked.

I think you mean the Veyron, please note that the Bugatti EB110 is also called Supersport.

Well that makes now 2 of them

Bugatti Veyron
Lotus Eleven

Anyone get another?

Lotus Eleven
Bugatti Veyron
93’ Mustang FE
The Chevy Donk FE
Porsche 911 RSR after it was added and before it showed up as league and bounty hunter reward.

Those are all. The Veyron and Eleven seem to be the only ones which come up after you already own them. Have gotten 3 Veyrons until now and could’ve picked up 4 Eleven’s.

I got the Eleven without owning it. I had only done one “rental race” in one prior to winning it from another race.

What I meant: It seems that only the Bugatti and Lotus show up numerous times after you picked them up per level up. I’ve never seen a second Mustang FE or Chevy Donk FE after I picked up my first ones.

Regarding someone mentioning seeing the Regera online: Those were rentals. The Regera is still not obtainable.

With the new car pack I was finally able to get the 700 cars achievement without buying duplicates.

Yup, the Veyron

Thanks I’m already up to the high 300’s, just it seems that it will only offer cars that you don’t already own but I’m not all that far off finding the answer out only 23 left to buy

I’m level 423 and I’ve been seeing repeats of cars I already have for quite some time even without owning all unlocked cars. I got the 700 car achievement and sold off a bunch of cars I’m not going to use trying to make my garage run better.

The Bugatti Veyron actually IS a locked Car!

To find under: Legendary-> Hypercars

So at least this one particular car is Confirmed for me to get via Level-Up´s.
Especially because I´m not the only one who get it.

Damn, stupid me …

Anyone else get/saw a locked Car via Level-up´s?

Like I just wrote a previous post, I got the Bugatti SS and the Lotus Eleven as Milestone rewards, which are both LOCKED cars. It’s very rare that it happens, but it happens.

I’ve not got the Bugatti SS and I’m level 466

There is a couple of lock cars you can win, but I believe its only for certain few. Like the bugatti veyron.