Bounty hunter cars locked

I competed in Jan bounty Hunter and won both cars now they are locked what the hell this games really getting to be a laughing stock

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What do you mean by locked?

They are locked cars within the game they can only be won in events like bounty hunters and forzathon events they can not be bought like the rest

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That’s the same with all the locked cars, however they are obtained. If you won one in the bounty hunter event, then could buy them in game, what would stop you from flooding the ah with them?


Nothing at all.

That sounds like a it would be a great idea!



Your missing my point I beat John’s time in January bounty hence I won the both locked cars hence it was in my garage hence now it’s locked away again how hard is that for you to understand

It can be difficult to understand if the user doesn’t provide specifics. “Locked” could refer to the tuning setup or the lock icon in the Car Collection menu. You’re saying you are sure you received the cars in your Message Center, downloaded them, can see them in the My Cars garage menu, but you can’t select them to use at all? Is this under both the Cars menu in the main screen and for race events? Are you seeing any on screen message when trying to select the cars? Have you rebooted?

If you have the cars in your garage but can’t use them from the main menu, that sounds like a server/game issue that should be reported in the Tech Support forum for the team to investigate.

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I beat johniwanna time in January bounty hunter I did download the cars from my message centre to my garage they were ther once i downloaded them how can they be locked away in car collection

Did they vanish from your garage or something?

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Yea for some reason they vanished and became locked away again typical off this game with all its issues to be honest problem after problems I have posted up in technical support for help but no one from T10 online has even got back to me yet

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Can you sell Bounty Hunter cars on the AH?

I get the feeling OP has got rid of his unlocked cars somehow and has now found he cannot subsequently go back and purchase them from the in-game menu

I can’t sell the Mustang Cobra FE car, so maybe not. I haven’t tried to sell any of the others.

You can’t sell but after February Update you could delete them.

It sucks because I wanted the Audi TT-RS but started playing way too late.

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After receiving my locked cars for the various events, I kinda thought that vehicle type would become unlocked overall (non FE vehicles) and I’d be able to purchase more than one of those particular vehicles.

For me, not interested in selling vehicles and that feature could remain locked, I just like having the same but different virtual cars with differing setups and designs/colours (yes, I do understand multiple tuning and upgrades can be saved),

Perhaps the OP wants to do/thought similar.

Yes, that is an unfortunate side affect of the currently implemented locked car system. However some of the vehicles have been available multiple times (eg Speciality Dealer) so be patient.

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If it seemed like patience would pay off, that would be great. But they haven’t shown any indications that they are going to ever release Bounty Hunter or Forzathon reward cars other ways. They keep repeating Specialty Dealer cars and only Specialty Dealer cars. No reward car has ever been repeated, so if you miss it, you are out of luck.

I would love to be wrong, but with all strutting that is associated with the Bounty Hunters, people would go ballistic if it was possible to get a reward car any other way. It would “cheapen” their accomplishment and lessen their ability to rub it in everyone’s faces. And it seems clear T10 cares about those customers more than the others.

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I never missed them I had them in my garage then they vanished from my garage for some unknown reason only noticed yesterday evening they both locked in the game again i did receive them as per the post on page 32 off the link below

Nope i have not got rid off them I don’t sell cars in fact I haven’t sold one in AH at all they have become lock away and have vanished from my garage typical off this game with all its issues to be honest bugs galore

That’s really weird, this is worth contacting Xbox support for.

So I just checked the prizes were the escort rs 1800 & the 2016 Honda Civic FE - both cars are in my garage and showing on the car collection screen without the lock symbol against them (they are not greyed out like other locked cars).

So not sure what to tell you to be honest. Have you used the cars previously? I.e. have you definitely had the cars in your garage at some time prior to now? Or could the message have popped and instead of downloading the cars, you deleted the message something along those lines?

If you’ve definitely had them in your garage before, I’d go with Max’s full reboot of your system (PC/ Xbone?) I’m on Xbone X - if that doesn’t help go with the post in the tech forum suggestion, just give as much information in your post as possible.

Good luck