Bug (PC): Winter season: it's impossible to enter in speed zone

As per the title of the topic, starting the season change (yesterday), on PC it’s impossible to enter in speed zone. As soon as to enter in speed zone the game instantly crashes on desktop. On xbox the game works fine. I tried on another PC with the same crash on desktop.


Knocks on wood have no problems on my PC - Win 10 20H2

I’m on Win 10 21H1, could be that?

There is another person that has same my problem in the “Winter season” thread, very strange because this happens also in fortune island and in lego island…

Same happens for me. In Autumn everything worked fine, now in Winter my game crashes everytime, when I enter any speed zone or leave any drift zone. I’m on Win 10 2004. I’ve already submitted a support ticket. Very annoying bug. I’ve played the game for hundreds of hours without problems and now out of the blue this…

Very strange bug, on the same comp I have the bug for my primary account, with my secondary account the game works fine.

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So the bug seems to be related to the account, very strange. I’ve no idea what to do. I didn’t change anything on my PC or my account since autumn season, where everything was okay. I hope it fixes itself in spring season. I’ve not much hope that the developers will do anything, the bug seems to be very rare.

I’m on Win 10 build 21H1, no any problem

Just started having this issue yesterday. I did the speed zones for winter, so was not season change. I think it may be the newest update windows applied

Same issue for me. Entering the speed zone causes it to freeze then program closes. Also found that leaving a drift zone also causes it to fail. Not a winter issue as finished the winter speed zone for this week. Just started crashing June 19, 2021

I don’t think that this bug is related to windows update, as I wrote previously, on the same computer with the same windows update I have this bug only on my primary account, with my secondary account the game works as intended.
Hope that this bug will disappear with next season change.

The savegame is maybe corrupted on your lokal storage. It may help to download your savegame from the FH4-cloud. Just deinstall/install the game. On the first start after a fresh install the game starts to download your savegame from the cloud. (Don’t stop the download even it shows 0% for 20min or more. The savegame download sometimes take a hour or more.)

Thanks for the suggestion, but was not save game. Uninstalled game and reinstalled. Took forever and on startup it had to sync with my profile and still have the issue… Just avoid going into a speed zone or drift zone and everything works perfect.

I got the same problem on PC since Autumn season. Thanks for the try of reinstalling the game.
So nothing we can do here. Hopefully they can fix it in the next game update very soon.

It’s impossible because this bug happens on my primary account only on PC, on xbox with the same my primary account I don’t have this bug. In any case it’s a very strange behaviour.

Exactly the Same issue here, also tried with a secondary account with the same result.

New month starts and the issue still exists.

In a german Forza community told me someone who had the same problem, that a reinstallation of Windows fixed it for him. But for me this isn’t a option, I don’t want to reinstall complete Windows because of this, all my other programs and games work fine and so did Forza until last week. Maybe Nigeldcat is right and a Windows update is the reason for this bug. I’ve checked it and a few days before season change I received two Windows updates (KB4023057 and KB5003637), but I didn’t play Forza right after it, only when the winter season started. Salfox69, maybe the update only messed up your primary account. I really hope, another Windows Update or the next Forza update fixes this problem. It’s annoying to have to avoid speed and drift zones. Did you all submit a support ticket? I did. The more with this problem do, the higher is the chance, the developers will be aware of it.

maybe checkingif your video card drivers are up-to-date?

My video drivers were the same (and up-to-date) before the bug occured and after.

By the way, what can I do that my comments don’t need moderation anymore? And how long does the moderation take? I’ve written a comment yesterday and it’s still not visible.

I have the exact same problem, the new Season didn’t change anything. I tried reinstalling the game and updating windows to the last version but nothing changed. I hope they’ll fix it soon…