Bug (PC): Winter season: it's impossible to enter in speed zone

Unfortunately the bug is still present even with today season change :frowning:

Well, the season changed, the crashes stayed. :frowning: But honestly I didn’t really expect that the season change would fix this.

Yep I’ve also got this issue. I’ve changed nothing drivers wise between last week and now. I’ve tried reinstalling too but that that didn’t help
I’ve sent them a support ticket but haven’t heard anything back yet. Really hope it gets fixed ASAP.
What’s everyone’s GPU? I’m on a 1080.

you mean re-installing the game or windows?
I don’t think it is related to graphic driver.

I have no choice but to avoid all speed zones and drift zones for the time being.

I got this issue too. Before the winter season change all seems fine, now even in spring season I can’t enter speed zones or exit drift zones without crashing to Desktop.
I’m using Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1055 (KB5004476) but it also happened before with Build .1052 (KB5003637) and .985 (KB5003173), atleast in the winter season.
GPU is an old R9 290X with latest AMD drivers (21.5.2).
Resetting the game didn’t change it’s behavior.


@SPatrick95 So maybe KB5003637 is the culprit. This update I received between autumn, where everything worked and winter, where the bug occured. And Nigeldcat also said that perhaps a Windows update messed it up.

Maybe, sadly I can’t uninstall this update to test it.
I could only uninstall KB5004476, but the crashes remain even when I do so.
KB5003690 (Build 19043.1081) doesn’t solve the crashes either.

I tried uninstalling update KB5003637 but it still crashes :frowning:

Yes. Me too. You are not alone. I have to play all 3 championship games to get the new car, instead playing the spring frozathon to easily archive the 50 percent. I already submitted a ticket to them hope to get some answers

The last update was just released but the bug is still present, I think that this bug will be never resolved :((((((((

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I agree, I just tested it and the crash still persists. I am just waiting for a further W10 update to see if the situation improves.

Does anyone know if this issue is related to MS version only of the game or also the Steam version is affected?

Since I have this bug I checked the Forza Horizon 4 Steam forum everyday and never saw someone mentioning this bug so maybe it only happens with the MS version. But of course I can’t tell for sure.

New Patch, and NOTHING has changed…

I have same problem. Please help me Turn 10!

Been experiencing this issue since the new Spring season.

I have downloaded the newest update as well as the newest Windows updates, and uninstalled the affected Windows update to no avail. Still getting crashing whenever entering a speedzone, Windows version 21H1.

Still crashing after the patch for me too.
Over a week since I submitted a support ticket and no response. Really disappointed.

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Regarding this bug I made some experiments:

  1. on my computer:
    my primary account has the bug
    my secondary account hasn’t the bug.

2)on my brother comp:
connected with my primary and secondary accounts the game works well without bug

This is for sure the most strange bug that I have ever encountered in my life

Both of them with newest windows version and updates?

I just tried, and the update didn’t fix it either.

Yes my comp and my brother comp have exactly the same windows update and this is very very strange.
My thought is that a complete reinstall of windows should fix the problem but now I don’t have time to do it.

My guess is that also your account on another computer doesn’t have the bug as mine on my brother comp.

I’ve just received an update to FH4 1.472.937.2 but it still crashes on entering speed zones.