Broken Active Aero

Im assuming the P1 and the Plymouth GTX’s active aero features broke in FH2 and you guys just decided not to bother with it. For the P1 in FH2 it was argued that it was in “race mode” which meant that the aero wing was up all the time “assumed by me to be a sloppy excuse for laziness” but now that the Plymouth GNX’s air intake chute stays open when your sitting in the pits it is clearly evident that the code for those features got lost along the way and the devs didnt bother to re code them in. Those are very important features of the car that add extensive value to their individuality. they are meant to fold away and be “aerodynamically active” for a reason, With the GTX its individualized coolness in the discreet fact that it has an air blower that hides itself. and as for the P1, every video I have seen for this car slamming around a track on “race” mode has the spoiler retract flat through corners and lay low at high speeds. which means it was either an oversight or just laziness.
These are the only cars I have seen to have this problem so far but im sure there are plenty more hidden away somewhere seeing as they havent even fixed how bad the prolonged trackday rewind bug is that after you are in a race for a certain amount of time, the rewind becomes extremely buggy or just outright doesnt work at all. this includes in their added “endurance” events added to the games campaign which means they havent even played the endurance mode or didnt bother to fix it when they knew about it. and this has been confirmed to happen to everyone I know and for me on a different console so its not just my issue.


More then likely laziness. For people that have a passion for cars they sure “miss” a lot of stuff about them


The Motorsport games are where my heart lies but it seems as though the T10 devs care as much about the Motorsport franchise as everyone else in the gaming industry, they have just been lackluster and barren, no new Ideas, no innovation on old ones, just 20 arguably “new” cars and 6 new tracks and the weather asssets from FH2 on really specific track layouts. It seems Playground games is working harder to pull this franchise than T10. This is a great sim and they dont have to change much at all about the way the game works, but they havent innovated one bit since 2008. The absence of the auction house and storefronts are something sorely missed and the game lost a lot of its life from their exclusion, I have probably invested around $1000 on the Forza franchise over their 10 Years running and I havent felt more tired of it, and the devs seem to feel the same way too, If they have run out of ideas then the community has a plethora, turn to them, dont let a franchise die like this.


After F4, Forza games are going down hill, everything has been taken out until it comes back I can’t see it lasting long, doesn’t matter how t10 dress it up, it never be in the same class as F3/F4, nearly all my friends have gone back to F4. And now I am reading here on forum some cars as well as the fast & furious cars can’t be used in career what a joke F6 is, have you ever heard so much rubbish in a racing game that you can’t use any car you want, no point buying that dlc.

The Reventons active aero doesnt work at all lol, just laziness and unlikely its going to be fixed unfortunately. Games riddled with bugs/inaccuracies.

I see what you mean, It isnt completely broken but it doesnt work anywhere near how it should.

At least, Active air intake(not rear spoiler) is working good in Forza5.
But in Forza6, it works like air brake.(it open when brake high speed.) very weird.

and Ferrari 458 speciale’s active aero(rear diffuser) is not working too.

I never knew it had one, wasnt in FH2

I Dont want to in any way downplay the difficulty of videogame development but at the same time, they have had 2 years to develop this (on the side of helping playground) and its just a carbon copy with some dlc and a feature ripped from the sister game (that was much more intuitive in that game having active weather effects). It begs the question, “what were they doing with those two years” it doesnt show in the graphics, it doesnt show in the physics, and it sure doesnt show in the content. Perhaps it was spent on making “prismacolor” and “realistcic camo” which i am now seeing is a typo. I believe there are only 21 designated “wet” tracks and if you dont count the tract variations of those its only 7 places that even have wet, not a majority, not dynamic like it should be. This was one of their main selling points as features of the game and its rather barren. Correct me if im wrong but there were expected to be quite a few of the awesome japaneses tracks in this game, must have been pure speculation but justified with the lack of any other pulling content. A good friend of mine asked me if he should buy forza 6 to get into the franchise, I told him to save his money and buy forza 5, its the same game, ill be playing it with him instead of this. I cant say what went on behind the scenes of this games development but if this is all they could get done within a 2 year production cycle for their tenth anniversary game, they need to just drop the franchise or take more time to develop something unique and innovative. I have ranted about these kinds of things with other franchises, FPS’s to be exact, and sitting in my high horse with my forza games all proud, and now this is just the same scenario. a rehash of the past with no new ideas implemented, a “safe” bet.

Apologies for the length of my paragraphs but you know “passionate gamer” and all that.


Has anyone even looked at the Veyron? My lawd, that active aero is just silly. It doesn’t deploy until 140 MPH and it does down within 0.5 secs. For a game that claims to aim for realism, driving the Veyron is the complete opposite. And it’s been this way since F5. They had it right in F4, then completely decided to ruin if for kicks and giggles.

If you don’t know hiw the active aero on a car works, what modes it has and when they are activated, maybe get some info about it first, before you post. No road legal car can reach 240mph with a deployed spoiler.

Same goes for OP’s P1 where the rear wing btw is actually also deploeyed in a different angle as an airbrake.

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Didnt know about the veyron lol but there’s loads of cars that are a step down. (SLR/190E etc.)

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The way the P1’s spoiler works is accurate for race mode. No issue there. It’s the Veyron that is wonky and it always has been. It extends and retracts at stupid speed. In reality it is either extended or not. For an example watch any video on it. It lowers super slow too. By super slow I mean take several minutes for it to fuller retract. I’ve never understood why that is though…

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