Why was the active aero on the Ferrari LaFerrari downgraded from forza horizon 3?

In FH3 both the spoiler and diffuser flaps moved according to car speed. Now the lower diffuser flaps are static.

Why was a feature that the original xbox one could handle removed from the current forza horizon iteration with more powerful consoles?

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Same reason the Mclaren P1 active aero is busted. They simply do not care.
To expect them to maintain aero effects for the handful of cars that have it is just completely unreasonable.


this is another one of those strange situations; it used to work but doesn’t, so something’s been turned off or has broken and there is no engagement from those responsible for the product

the game is absolutely riddled with these things and the thing that really gets me isn’t so much each bug, it really is that complete refusal to engage


I can see a similar issue with Ferrari SF90 Stradale put on the Known Issues list, but no mention of La Ferrari. Have you tried submitting this with a ticket to support?

Hah, They even have the P1 on there. Since May. Whos responsible for fixing these? is it all just like a side project in between vacations and office parties?
Thing I love is that people complain about others pointing out minor issues like Aero when theres bigger issues to be fixed, And I agree with them. But the bigger stuff isnt being fixed.
You would think 5-10 people are all thats left of the Horizon 5 team after launch. But a team that small would usually have their heads down methodically hammering out the issues and bugs with the existing content, IE: coffee Stain Studios.
No, this complacency and lack of productivity can only come from an overbloated studio with convoluted dev pipelines that result in critical issues and lacking features to take a year to be worked on. No different than whats going on over at 343i. Simple critical issues taking years to fix rather than the week at most a small studio of devs would be able to prioritize and accomplish.


This has always bugged me!! 3rd person is much cooler with the rear diffuser flaps active too on the LaFerrari, why was it downgraded for a newer game? Makes no sense

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Same thing with paddle shift animations, so I had FH4 on Xbox one X and the paddle shift animations work.

I get an Xbox series X for FH5, and it’s missing the paddle shift animations.

More powerful console, newer game, details removed? I don’t understand.


Another thing downgraded from FH3 and FH4, small but why remove it, the shadow on the drone is gone.
Drone mode was really cool in FH3 and the first time I looked down and saw that shadow I was like wow what a cool attention to detail.

Why have so many small details been removed from FH3 to FH4 to FH5??

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Honestly I have no clue. You would think that a more powerful console would bring out some completely new details that would definitely make it a cool attention to detail, but for some reason the devs simply have no interest in doing so. Like your example with the paddleshifters and aero kits.

The other issue is brake cooling issues where it cools down instantly in FH5. Who is responsible for this?

There’s absolutely no excuse for the sudden drop of attention to detail. Has been since Forza Motorsport 6 with the interior label tampering.

They had extra time to develop FH5, and I’m aware there was a pandemic during that time. Still, doesn’t excuse the lack of ATDs.


Problem is, they still have to work with an AMD processor from 2013.
And anyone that knows PC-Hardware can tell you how bad AMD Processors were in 2013.

They’re being held back by the Xbox One, and you can really tell by some of the stuff the game procluded for the game to just barely run on the One (like, it runs like a landfill on the One S), probably worse on an One from before 2016.

Yes, but I thought the Series consoles were using newer AMD processors. Or at least something more powerful.

Though I know one of the culprits - they should have made FH5 a Series X/S and PC exclusive game. But due to semiconductor shortage concerns, they had to release it on the One as well, understandable given the concerns and what was going on in the world. But it may as well be the last Forza game on the Xbox One.

And they are, the codebase still has to work on the older ones though, it can’t just work on one or the other, otherwise the game would be an even bigger mess

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So those things worked in FH3 on the Xbox one and Xbox one X. But now that we have more powerful Xbox series X and beefier PCs we’ve lost those details? I don’t understand. Also why isn’t Microsoft able to fix these issues in their flagship car game that’s brings in “20 million players” what next remove all active aero or little things for 8k 120fps performance. They’ve lost the plot then

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Its just because they’re incompetent, lazy, and complacent as a studio. No performance limitations or time limitations. They’re just bad, Its reflective in the entire product, Aside from the lighting looking a bit better and having better wheel support, Its a worse copypase of FH4.

Just remember, they took three years for this…
When you watch the horizon monthly streams, not a single soul knows much about the cars they are adding instead they are going bananas about the collectibles and the badges…and not to mention they don’t do Q&A anymore…

oh, did I put them off the idea of answering questions in live-streams, then?!

I wouldn’t be so quick to but* blast the devs so hard constantly right now if they showed that they were actually doing literally anything.
Its at the point where I do hope some of them come in here (which I doubt they do) and I do hope they feel bad.
Its not like they havent had time, Its not like they havent had money or support from Microsoft or resources to do something new, interesting, or engaging over the past 4 years in regards to Horizon 5.

They probably see us like Michael Douglas at the Whammy Burger in Falling Down. :smile: