Bone shaker should not be winning A class cross country races!s!

This game is such a fun entertainment outlet. But it would really be nice if they could try to fix some of these glaring issues. How does a car with 5 inches of ground clearance and front tires off of a bicycle win a cross country race?!? It’s ridiculous…

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Well yeah! That’s the same issue I have with that stupid Truck running in a sedan class race. Make the race classes make some friggin sense!

Yup, aply this to all the other dozens and almost hundred cars that can win cross country easily even if they are fited to everything EXCEPT cross country… why do you speak about the bone shaker? there are almost hundreds of them lmao.

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Yeah, they should drive a TVR or a Lola instead. :crazy_face:

Relax, its a videogame

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Remember, it’s a broken video game. Built that way.

I usually quit online races if other players are using Boneshaker. I like to race against players using cars that are not OP to the max and want to challenge for the win instead of driving off into the distance constantly spamming the “lol” or “see you at the finish line” messages.

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The BS is definitely competitive across the board in a-class but it’s far from the best or easiest car in a-class cc. I would much prefer drive something else such as the MB x-class.

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In all honesty, I’d rather drive a (as in one single) e extreme car than the bone shaker. Sold at auction already anyway.

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Yeah agree, i just got sick of the ones who couldn’t drive it for the life of them and who felt compelled to ram and smash at high speed (which was usually 90 odd percent of the time). I have beaten a few of them that actually try to race but as a general rule these days i don’t bother anymore.